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Before HTC I knew the importance of habits and being open to learn. But what I receive from was a lot more than I expected. I learn important ways to improve my habits and the path I can take.
 Now thanks to HTC I feel that I have more control over my own life that I know where I want to go that I believe more in myself. 

I believe that it was not a coincidence that I joined the program. Even if I could return in time to change my decision I wouldn’t.
There is always something I can learn from someone.
I know that I am a High Ticket Closer. Everywhere in my life I can apply my new skills.
Other programs helped me, but I feel so much more support from HTC while following the program as well as the fact that I can learn from other High-Ticket Closers that are my age. To be surround by such a group where I am not the only youngster. Allows me to better connect with them and enjoy learning.
Even going the extra length to learn during my study Abroad in China.
For those that are skeptical the best way to see whether they are a candidate is to go deep in their pain. Understanding where they are in life and where they want to go.
After Finishing HTC, it is valuable and whatever price it would be I would find a way to pay for it. However, for an outside perspective. the best way to make others realize how valuable it is. As we learned by digging into their pain, clearing their foggy path so that they can as well follow and create their vision/goals they want to reach.
To my friends I’d find out where they are in life and where they would want to go. Showing them a solution and taking it away to see whether they would want to spend their time to give more than 100% when following the program.
I know I can’t help everyone. If the only thing I can give them is helping them find out what they are looking for, thru all their pains. I was able to bring them a step closer than they were before speaking with me.

-- Samuel R

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