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Hi there, my name is Timothy and I just want to share my experience here in HTC.

Before HTC, I was a bit of a close minded guy. I've read books, self improvement books, entrepreneurial books yet I wasn't implementing. After my journey with HTC, I learnt that implementation is the best action. With that, I am grateful to be taught by Sifu and also I know now to myself that I've become a better version of me. The support was great. It wasnt a community, but it felt like a family.

Everyone has their backs which makes me feel very comfortable with my journey. Compared to other programs, this one is more strategic, personal and very interactive. You can ask Sifu questions, be in the roleplay with him. This program focuses on changing your mindset, developing your skills and implementing them. That's what I love the most.

I would say that just take the leap of faith. You wont regret it. Again, this program isn't just focused on making money or becoming a closer. Instead, it will really dig deeper on your personal life to have personal development. Think of HTC as an all-in-one package.Trust me, you’ll get more than what you’ve paid for.

This program can help you a lot. Again, it isn't just focused on how to make you become financially free. but instead, this program focuses on how we can change our mindset, habits and etc. You will know the inner game of money and realize that there is much more than enough.

-- Timothy John Martin M

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