HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Hi, My name is Kristina, before I joined HTC, I knew I needed a skill that made more money and I knew I needed to grow out of myself, I was scared of my future, I had no self esteem and I got irritated often, I was searching for answers, I found Sifu on You tube and I didnt stop watching him since, I finally saw a link to the HTC program and without hesitation I invested in my self for the first time. After the program I am a different person mentally I am confident, I have self esteem, my consistent irritability has gone away and I have found the gift of gratitude and an abundance mindstate, I gained focus and clarity, and I have goals and I know how to reach them now, I have this great opportunity now to master and develop a closing skill, The support is amazing and genuine, I have been in other organizations where the Information was powerful however the people were not nice or supportive, I think the HTC community is a direct reflection of the impact of what we are taught , the good that we were given and the Transformation we under went has made us a family and it showed by the members, they always uplift and at times even reach out to see if you need a helping hand, I am honored to be in this family. To some one who is skeptical I would say to follow sifus teachings on social media to see for yourself his works, and teachings they speak for themselves and sifu will touch anybody's heart and mind at some point if not immediately. It's hard to put a price on how much I would have invested because this course was priceless, what I gained and What I have taken away was life changing and mind altering, Knowing what I know now I would have paided what ever was asked. What I would tell my loved one, what I have told my loved one is this course is a reset button to everything you think you know and to everything you want to know, this course wipes your slate clean , and gives you a state of mind that is free from all old and negative beliefs, This course has saved me from myself, this given me a new outlook on everything, People search the world for this knowledge and Information to be able to live with focus and clarity and a peace of mind, Wow! Thank you so much Sifu, I will make you proud! I never thought anything like this existed, you have restored my hope for humanity and myself! I am honored to be your student and to have you as my Sifu, I want to learn everything from you!

-- Kristina K

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