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Most of the value for the program came from just exploring my lower self and the daily routines (starting of grateful, affirmations and ending of with subconscious programming). That just helped me a ton because while I consider myself a loud and outgoing person, there was still some painful emotional baggage I had yet to deal with and after Week 2 or Week 3, I spent a week just giving myself that quiet time I needed to really figure out who I was and sort through some of that pain. Just that alone is worth the $2500 I paid for the program because now I have that desire to change my reality instead of being numb and indifferent about it. It made me ready to take on the day and I feel that even as I type now!! As for the actual closing material, it's so professional and nonsalesly surprisingly. I feel more like a doctor than a salesman at times which is cool because everyone respects doctors and I like respect :) Overall, my score for HTC is 10/10 Hands Down. Thank you Dan Lok and Kayvon for starting this movement

-- Mitchell T

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