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PRE-HTC I had been searching for a closing job, of which any company could train me
sell any High ticket product. I had a few in mind. None materialised. I came accross
SIFU DAN LOK on TedX started following him on You tube, decided to sieze the opportunity
to Join Htc course.

NOW! I have a high income skill, now I have had the long awaited career change I had been
seeking all my life. If you unashamadley love sales and want to improve your skills
look no further, if you want to simply be a well balance representative of your business
any type Look no further. If you want to know how to assess, qualify and sharpen any
presentation skills look no further.. Its all here at HTC.

I recommend anyone wanting to attain the high ticket Closing skill to do this course.
Dan Lok is the undisputed king of High ticket sales. The engagement of the community
compounded by the foundation of Mindset taught in his distictive manner does nothing
more than transform anyone and everybody embarking on this mission.

In class 4 I gave up smoking through listening to DAN LOK CLASS in 4 where
I wrote in chat That I will give up smoking. when it came to time to continue to smoke
I was able to turn back and said to myslf I had promised Dan Lok that I will give up
smoking and I did. Such is the power of Break through mindset.

Htc has given me a lot of confidence because I had to face myself and mistakes I had made
in the past. following the old outdated paradigm of get a good JOB.

I am now listening with intent, been told I have a new voice. And applying all I have
learned in HTC into my daily Life.

Thankyou SIFU DAN LOK for awakening the sleeping giant in Me...
Thankyou Sifu Dan Lok for Believing in Me.
Thankyou Sifu Dan Lok for Sharing unforgettable HTC with me.

-- Andres J

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