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My name is Vincent Bass and I am a High Ticket Closer !

I didn’t know it at the time , but I had been searching deeply for this opportunity to discover , develop and express these skills for years , if not decades ! I had been very successful as a Sales professional in the past, having even experienced million-dollar years before , but somehow let the challenges of life and business trip me up along the way . I tried many things , and between the “shiny object syndrome “ and my own self-sabotaging bahviours , it clearly didn’t get me far, leaving me and my family with growing debts and a scarcity mentality .

Before discovering Dan Lok, his book FU Money, and the High Ticket Closer (HTC) program, I had lost my way in my business and sales career. I found I had begun to “settle” for far less than I was worth and capable of , and was starting to experience frustration and despair. I started accepting the lie that “I was not good enough” or had “missed my opportunities “ . I even began experiencing depression , even though I had years of past success to draw on.

My life has changed dramatically since enrolling in the HTC program . By the time I was halfway through the course , I had doubled my income, shifted my mindset considerably and had my brain totally rewired to view life , business and sales , like never before !!

Having spent many years as a professional sales person , and even a coach and trainer , I have NEVER before come across anything quite as transformational , profound and powerful as the HTC program ! I spent many years studying personal and professional development , under some of the world’s best and most famous teachers , yet never been so deeply and positively impacted like I have by Dan Lok and the HTC program .

Dan is skilled in so many ways , it’s hard to know where to begin. He is a Master closer, marketer , teacher , and entrepreneur , with a gift for consolidating and presenting knowledge like no other . He leads by example and totally practices what he preaches , like few others .

What separates Dan from the rest is his incredible generosity , integrity and congruency , coupled with a genuine passion to help his students and mentees to be TRULY successful in life .

I count it indeed one of my life’s greatest privileges to have found Dan Lok as mentor and friend, and have nothing but gratitude for what he has done for me .... and this is just the beginning ! The ONGOING value Dan delivers to all his students is simply amazing. To put it bluntly , I got the full value of my investment in the very first class , yet I continue to receive truckloads of value even after the program is complete .

My life and my goals are now firmly back on track thanks to Dan and HTC, and I will be hitting the million dollar mark again very soon!

Lastly, if you are reading this , or just thinking about joining the program , JUST DO IT!! I don’t know you and don’t know your circumstances , but if you are here , JUST DO IT!! I PROMISE you will get infinitely more from they program than what you think you will ... it’s worth every penny and then some !

Thank you Team Dan Lok! Thank you Sifu Dan! I cannot express just how grateful I am for crossing paths with you and joining you in this journey .

-- Vincent B

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