HTC High Ticket Closer™

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gave HTC High Ticket Closer™ 5 stars


I was motivated to join the HTC certification program because I wanted to learn a new skill that will make me more valuable in the market place so that I will be able to earn more money in less time. I also wanted to improve my communication skill and find a better version of myself.

This program is different from others because it is a live interactive course that feels like you have personal connection with Dan and his team.

I am surprised about HTC, how it is possible to handle and close deals on phone with very little talking. How the course helps to remove the mental barriers and limiting believes that is holding us back from becoming the better version of our self.

I am impacted by Dan Lok by discovering different aspects of me which I did not realize before and Dan also point out things which will be a part of my life journey. I am impacted by Dan to think differently and to have the right mind-set to achieve my goals. I also look at things in differently way now.

Lastly, if someone was skeptical about the HTC family, or feels that the investment is a big stretch for them.investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. I highly recommend HTC program for anyone who want to improve themselves. Most of the courses out there deliver less than what they promise to you, but Dan over delivered on HTC course.

Dan has a great vision for HTC and I love what he does, and I am grateful to be a part of HTC. I love what you are doing Dan, you are doing great job!

Thank you very much Dan, Tina and Desmond!!!

-- Tesfaye A

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