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I wish the Hight Ticket Closing training had existed a few years back. I was stuck at the dead end job I hated. Although I made a quarter million dollars a year, I was dying inside. I hated the intoxicating corporate environment. I had to quit in search of a new life. For three years, I spent over $30k, bought several programs from the "gurus" and went no way. Finally, Dan Lok showed up. I decided to give it a shot. The past seven weeks was a transformational experience. Dan Lok helped me cut through the clutter and get absolute clarity in life. To be a dominant closer, one must first have clarity in life. The rest is techniques and practice. High Ticket Closing for me is not only a skillset. It is a way of life for the elites, the high achievers and the top performers. I now dedicate my life to be Dan Lok (my sifu) is a humble student.

-- Keawe W

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