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Madonna Amin
I have done a video and upload it to my google drive. This is the link for it. In Case it doesn't work, I'll write a review.

Going through the program was challenging but I love it. I learnt a lot about who I am and what I can do. I understand now that why having a High ticker closing skill is important. I have applied some of what I learnt through the program already into my current job. which I work as a salesperson and I sell products that start at 500- 70k. Since I started wearing the HTC cape, my managers have been so impressed by me and they are shocked by how I improved so fast. My closing rate jumped from 20% to 80%-90%. Sometimes even 100%. I can't really say enough about this program. All I can say if I went back in time and had the same choices again, I would've done over and over and over again.

-- Madonna A

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