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I am very happy to give a testimonial regarding Dan Lok's HTC Program. I happened upon Dan Lok when I was searching for sales training. Dan Lok came up on YouTube's front page for almost two weeks before I finally clicked on his 'Boss in the Bentley' video series. I began watching more of his other videos. I then saw his explanation on the Wealth Triangle and I realized what my error was. It was as if the scales were removed from my eyes. I could not sleep and a couple of days later I signed up for his HTC program. I saw the value in his teachings since he had given me soooo much BEFORE I even signed up.

Did I have a fear of signing up? No, my fear was NOT signing up! There had been a sales training program that I had considered. It is from an author whose sales book I read. I think the program would have been good; however, no one offers what Dan Lok offers. I was looking for something to help me in my career and business (only a single aspect of my life). Dan has helped to transform EVERY aspect of my life. Months prior I had started working on mindset issues but Dan helped to reshape me inside and out and only in a matter of a few weeks! This was a very happy and unexpected surprise.

I received other results from Sifu Dan. He helped me to focus and took the guilt of removing things and/or people out of my life that were not serving me. I learned to value and honor myself to an even higher degree. The business education, experience and wisdom that Dan Lok shares is of the highest quality. My regret....that I didn't find Sifu Dan beforehand and wasted a lot of time and money going to university to obtain some sense of 'false security'. Dan has also helped me to overcome cold calling. Dan provides very smart advice regarding how to efficiently have prospects contact you; nevertheless, I wanted to overcome the hesitation of cold calling prospects. I now have a high paying sales position where I have to cold call hundreds of leads...and I LOVE IT. I am NOT waiting for success. I am doing what few people cannot do or will not do. I now have an arsenal of practical information that I have and can continue to implement.

I highly recommend Dan Lok's HTC program to friends and family. His program will transform you if you put the work into it. He gives much more than he even states. Closing is more than a sales skill. Closing affects other aspects of your life. How many of you are fearful of approaching a girl, getting married, leaving a job, starting a business, moving to another state/country or standing for a certain conviction? What's holding you back and why? Dan Lok will reveal this to you like a hard ass general and a loving dad all in one.

I also have to thank Dan's team (Kayvon, Desmond, Tina and the rest of the HTC team). Kayvon and Desmond shared very personal and sometimes painful or awkward stories, their own transformations and victories. Thanks for being the big brothers who kicked our butt when any of us did stupid things and thanks for encouraging us as well.

I will forever be thankful to Dan Lok.

Mikaela Zajicek

-- Mikaela Z

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