HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Vancouver, British Colombia V6B 2Z4
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Before joining HTC I was in a normal 9-5 job and trying to invest the little savings that I had. After watching Dan's videos for a while I realised that my plan wouldn't get me to my financial goal within the time I want. I joined HTC to learn a high income skill.

HTC is not a normal course, it is much more than that. You are not only learning from the king of high ticket sales, you will join the most supportive group of motivated individuals. People from all walks of life working hard and practising together to perfect our skill. The thing that surprised me the most about HTC is the massive value that Dan gives us in this course. He puts in so much time and effort to help us learn this life changing skill in such a short amount of time.

Dan and the HTC family has helped me grow so much, they encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I now have the confidence to be able to tackle any obstacle. I have no doubt that 12 months from now I will be making £100,000 a year. I can’t thank Dan and the HTC family enough for the transformation I went through in the HTC course.

-- Nicolas L

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