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Hello, this is Naherin Sultana. I wanted to share my 7 weeks journey of HTC. I feel like a new person now, a much better person. After joining HTC I am having more confidence, faith in myself and my abilities. We have a close group we call family. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. I am learning so much every single day, it's unbelievable. I am learning a totally new subject, sales. At the same time feels like this is a very different and much better type of sales. Eye opening and life transforming program. My past negative experiences made me doubt myself time to time; I would suffer from inferiority complex and depression. I lost my faith in my ability to succeed in life. Thinking I'm not worth more than my current situation. Not able to talk to strangers and not having the confidence to carry on the conversation. I didn't know the missing piece of puzzle in my life was a supportive family who is always there for me to help, support and uplift me. Everyday I feel very blessed and grateful to have found Sifu Dan Lok as my Mentor. He is a great and very wise person. I call him the world bank of knowledge. After 7 weeks I feel a totally core transformation and that this program should be a must for every single person and a part of high school curriculum. Unless someone goes through this HTC program they can't even imagine what it does for a person. Anyone who is wanting to improve their life or become a better person or learn a new skill, I would highly recomend this HTC Program for them. I don't have the words to fully express my feelings. The best money spent in my entire life. Thank you

-- Naherin S

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