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I have seen my parents struggle financially for years, and for years they told me to to to university to get a decent degree so I could make decent money. Neither of them ever went to university, so I do believe in their mind university is the path of life that leads to success. However I never really believed in it. I think university holds great potential but I don't think it would have given me what I wanted.
So as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do and find a path that would lead me to financial confidence I stumbled upon an htc webinar.
Htc is mind blowing. Dan lok created a great course teaching people a high income skill, however more than that, he teaches us a new way of life. A new way of thinking. It was a pleasant surprise that Dan values positive thinking and without the mindset part of this journey, it would be no where as successful as it is.
The community of htc is also one of the best communities I've ever seen online as everyone helps keep each other accountable. It is truly invaluable.

Of course when I first came across HTC I was skeptical. This was the first time I came across an online course with huge potential, aside from books I'd never really invested in myself before so was this really the right course for me?
The thing was that id been looking for ..something.. for so long, so if this wasn't it, then what would I have to find in the future? Investments are always a risk, and this was an investment in myself.. in my future so I decided the risk was worth the potential reward.
And now... 7 weeks later... do I regret it?

Not a chance. HTC was a great decision that I'm so grateful for.

So if you're wondering, doubting... can you afford to take this risk? Can you afford to buy HTC?

I think the better question is.. can you afford not to?

-- Elsie B

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