HTC High Ticket Closer™

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High Ticket Closing has really helped me develop my mindset at 19 years old. I highly recommend this program to people who have just graduated high school and are not willing to go to a traditional four year college. I started watching Sifu when I was in Ireland for vacation, since I had some downtime and I was starting to begin thinking seriously what I am going to do in the future after making the decision that I don't want to do a four year college. I know how to handle myself much better than previously in a way where I can think sharply, act quickly, and network with my HTC Family. I want to thank Sifu, Desmond, Tina, and Hannah for taking their precious time to help me grow at such a young age when people on the outside usually see me as an arrogant teenager who likes to play video games.

-- Reese G

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