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OMG! What can I possibly say! The entire experience was AMAZING, from beginning to end! First with week 1 and 2, changing your mind set! I had no idea I was subconsciously limiting myself just by the way I was thinking about money! Through Dan Lok's training, I now realize that there are no limits of how much I can earn. The sky's the limit. You just require the right mindset and the right skills.

Week 3 and 4. That's when it begins to become intense! We get into the Role Playing with Dan, Leaders and HTC family! Dan coaches us how to speak to our clients. How to hold on to the control and set the agenda of the call. How to qualify your clients and identify their pain spots. Finally help your clients to realize their ultimate dreams and then close with professionalism. These two classes alone, were worth double the price of registration. So I thought!

So just when I thought, it couldn't get any better, then came Classes 5 and 6. Seriously, Dan Lok took it to the next level! We were taught how to handle any and every imaginable “objection” or “resistance” from an influencer! This is GOLD! By continuously practicing your role playing with the valuable tips and strategies taught by Dan, you are sure to SUCCEED as a HT Closer, anywhere and anytime. Lastly, he taught us how to find “influencers”, how to set up your LinkedIn profile and account, how to use this tool to its fullest potential….

I am so grateful for the expertise I’ve received from one of the top professionals in the business world. The growing network and caliber of HTC family members is priceless! Tomorrow, Graduation Night! I am excited, knowing that even after graduation we have HTC’s full support in moving forward. Thank you Dan Lok, HTC Leads and HTC family for my HIGH TICKET to a GREAT Retirement!

-- Lillian B

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