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My experience with HTC has been awesome from day one. It’s like this…I have listened to and read a lot from many motivational speakers and trainers, but nobody grabbed my attention the way Dan Lok does! It’s like he wakes you up and gives you something worth getting up for. You could lollygag around the rest of your life blaming others or you can get up and take action. In the High Ticket Closer program, you learn about your own mindset. The exercises on exposing the lies you have been telling yourself, or that you learned growing up, was so eye opening for me that I haven’t been the same ever since. Okay so, about the mindset training, at first, I thought, oh no…not mindset training…groan. I wanted techniques and strategies, not philosophy, but then as I went further into it, I realized that my mindset was really screwed up in some ways and it was good to re-think that and learn new ways of thinking as I began to realize this was what had been holding me back and I could not implement any of it without the right mindset. So now I’m like, okay – mindset training? Yes, bring it! I have new hope for the future and that, my friends, is priceless. Thank you Dan Lok, thank you, thank you!
But let’s not minimize that we are also getting tactics, strategies and techniques to put in your tool box that you can use and apply to your business and make money or your personal life to improve relationships. Ways to improve understanding and communication skills that can serve you in all walks of life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has the gumption to hear the truth. Seriously, it’s not sugar coated, and you know that’s what you need! Thank you Dan Lok, thank you, thank you!
Also to Dan’s wife, Jenny. When I watched the video about becoming a media personality and talking about the two of them together giving up their privacy and traveling etc, in order to expand and help more people…I started crying. I was so grateful, because if they hadn’t – I wouldn’t have found this new strength. I was dreadfully becoming resigned to a lame future with no excitement. All that has changed and I wept. Maybe that would be embarrassing for some people to admit, but it was tears of gratitude for giving me my life back. Thank you Dan Lok, thank you, thank you!

-- Jean F

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