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Happy new year. I apologize for late review and chose to write instead of video.
Learning from SiFu and joining HTC meant to me a lot. I didn't expect the program had so much volume. The reason I joined HTC was because it sounds good and work as high ticket closer is flexible. I didn't know what c... See More


Hello. My name is Dan Stodt. I’ve just completed the 6-Week long 7-Class training program in Dan Lok’s consultative method of selling called High-Ticked Closer, and this is my testimonial.

If I were to describe the training in one word it would be: INTENSE. Other words might be uplifting, ... See More


Hello everyone...this is Ashfaq Ahmed and I am from Indian
Before joining HTC I was basically a college dropout...I dropped out of my graduation

I was so confused what to donl next...I was looking for different ways to make money.

One day I got to see a video of Dan where he was explaining w... See More


The HTC program has been the most immersive 7-week program that I've even been a part of. Words can't describe the way Dan Lok and his team present this top notch program. If you are looking for a way to earn great money and challenge the way you think this is the program for you.

The classwork p... See More


HTC is mind blowing. Never thought a course could have such a impact on my life as this course did. The content Sifu Dan teaches with tough love but also with a sense of care and love for each of his students. My mindset as well as my skill set have totally changed and will put me in a winning posit... See More


I was motivated to join the HTC Certification program after watching a webinar, and then the seemingly endless testimonials (that really got me). I had done a business development program over the summer and at graduation, one of my cohorts recommended hiring closers, and using only Dan Lok's HTC cl... See More

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