HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Suite 170
Vancouver, British Colombia V6B 2Z4
1 (833) 832-6565

I just finished HTC, including that bonus class 8, with my season!

The reason I joined HTC was to learn an effective sales skill to help improve my business, and to create a new source of income. I was completely blindsided by how the class turned out to be. To put it in the most simple way poss... See More


HTC changed my life and catapulted it into motion. Before HTC, I had no direction, motivation, and felt undervalued. Now, having learnt a high income skill, I can definitely start pursuing my dreams actively. My life has value and meaning. I don't allow people to disrespect me anymore. I also have i... See More


I would highly recommend The HTC program. There is so much value in numerous different aspects, business and personal development both. For me, I knew there was a disconnect going on within me. HTC has been the bridge to begin closing the gap. A Big Thank you to Dan Lok and the HTC group!... See More


I found HTC initially as a result of my shiny object syndrome. I had been jumping from one course to the next, resolute that each program I took was not enough. I never felt like I knew enough to take action and achieve my goals. I felt lost and worked purposelessly. HTC however, finally gave me wha... See More

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