HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

422 Richards St
Suite 170
Vancouver, British Colombia V6B 2Z4
1 (833) 832-6565

I love Sifu Dan’s HTC Program. There’s so much to learn from The Man than you could ever imagine. He’s helped change my life and I know he’s helped change the lives of others as well. He really cares and that alone is more than worth the time and money.... See More


Had to join HTC is because I want to learn a skill that allows me to leave my “JOB” and create the ideal lifestyle that I want. A lifestyle that enable me to work remotely in different country and create more time for myself while earning a high-income.

From expericens, this Programs is real... See More


I have enjoyed Dan Loks HTC course so much that I have decided to continue my education with him. I have booked myself on to another two of his courses. Dan is a very motivating teacher and a charismatic personality... See More


The 7 intense classes that transform my mindset and attitude toward life: having gratitude attitude and abundance mindset. I learn that I have to implement fast. I had read so many books the past year, but never took action. HTC program made me realized that whenever i procrastinate, my mind would f... See More


HTC is a breath of fresh air for social media. With all the fluff out there its great to see that someone really give a shit about the ones that are genuinely trying to change their lives. After all_ all a person want, a chance. I can see that HTC has done so genuinely without looking for anyth... See More

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