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4300 s us hwy 1
STE 203-117
Jupiter, FL 33477
United States

Jason gave a great seminar in Raleigh! Good insight on marketing your business from flowcharting the process of attending events and following up with new contacts, developing a relationship by helping "them" grow "their" business to understanding it's not who you know but who knows you. Refreshingl... See More


Very knowledgable and great ideas. I will be that 2% that is sending out thank you cards as I stopped at the store on my way home. I really went out of my comfort zone to attend this showcase as my husband and our partner have been working on job sites non-stop to get us caught up. I really apprecia... See More


Jason Myers is a master mind when it comes to business. As a small business owner, he shared tools and techniques that are required to make my business sustainable allowing future generations to benefit and contribute to an on-growing business. He brilliantly delivers information so that can be d... See More


Jason is the best strategist if you want to build your business, sell your business or just want sound advise on how to create abundance.


Jason's combination of energy and knowledge is inspiring! Our organization has needed a shot in the arm with regard to marketing, and Jason has given us just that.


Thank you for the great presentation! It is so nice to leave a seminar with easy to implement ideas..........and excitement about taking marketing efforts to the next level.


Jason’s presentation was incredibly informative and also entertaining. I have several takeaways that we can implement right away in our business. It was an afternoon well spent!


Jason's presentation was informative and tailored to my business. The 7 Question Marketing Plan has been useful in my business. I had to re-think what I have been doing that has not resulted in clients. I believe the out-of-the box strategies outlined by Jason will be helpful to gain clients.


Jason's presentation to Manasota SCORE was top notch. He provided valuable information for Mentors and our clients that as startups are operating on a shoestring budget. Also great insights and marketing tactics for any size business to remember to include these often overlooked or misused marketing... See More


Jason's presentation was excellent, spilling over with tips, humor to help any marketer to improve his ROI.


Jason was an excellent speaker! He gave so many great ideas for marketing. With all of the ideas and options available, it could get overwhelming, but we learned that it's better to take action on the simple stuff and follow through, rather than doing nothing at all.


I attended the North Port Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn this 11-8-2017. Jason is a terrific speaker and kept me interested and excited throughout the presentation. As with most of these affairs, there is too much information for a 1 hour time period, but Jason managed to get through his talk w... See More


Very good speaker, informative. Minor equipment glitches interrupted presentation


Very good and helpful...excellent presentation !


Very informative..lots of energy..good ideas that are easy to execute


My experience with Jason was pleasurable. He exceeded my expectations and provided everything he promised he would. I will definitely work with Jason again for similar requirements.


Jason is the consummate business professional. Besides being a prolific author, Jason is a top shelf Business Leader and Consultant that has changed the lives of many confused and unfocused business owners. If you want Uber success, Jason is your guide.


His presentation was very informative and entertaining.


I loved the way he's communicating way of success!


Jason is an engaging and motivating speaker. He had the whole room amped up and willing to at least CONSIDER stepping out of our shells and shaking some hands. I know it worked for me!


Great simple basics presentation.


Jason was awesome! High energy, very informative, on point, I would highly recommend him to any group or even an individual.


Thought Jason did a very good job of communicating with the audience! Very articulate and confident in his presentation! The presentation was a good refresher for me on several things and gave me things to think about as we move thru the process of generating new revenue!

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