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I love Cure My Credit 700 because it literally changed my life ! Being young & dumb I didn’t really value credit because I felt like I always had the income . It wasn’t until I started thinking about breaking the generational curse of renting & becoming a homeowner that I begin to take my credit... See More


Real people, connected to our community, offering valuable service, with extraordinary commitment....

Nataka Crayton-Walker recommends Cure My Credit 700 on Facebook

Bonita is AMAZING!!!...

DeVoughn Perry gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Review on Google

DeVoughn suggests you use Cure My Credit 700

DeVoughn P gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Rating

Terrence suggests you use Cure My Credit 700

Terrence J gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Rating

Bonita worked hard to help me get my credit to a higher score by doing what she does best. She was always on schedule with updates and appointment dates to speak with her via telephone. She is very professional and she kept her word during the whole program. I would refer anyone to Bonita so she can... See More

Sharada G gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Rating

Because of Cure My Credit, I I am no longer drowning in bad credit. I had procrastinated getting help to boost my credit scores. I thought that it was not possible to raise my points in a few months. However, when I was referred to Bonita at Cure My Credit everything changed for the better. My cre... See More


Annette thinks you should try Cure My Credit 700

Annette D gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Rating

Dealing with Credit issues is stressful, especially when you are attempting to correct mistakes that you have made along the way. Bonita with Cure my Credit 700 not only provides insightful instruction with what to do to help repair your credit, but she also takes the time to ensure you understand w... See More


Oh my God where do I start let me tell you about my experience with Miss Bonita my credit was in the low 500 I was so ashamed I was trying to buy home and I was redirected to mrs. Bonita to see if she can help me with my credit I was a little afraid to call because you hear about a lot of credit rep... See More


After a few weeks my scores started to rise. They did exactly what they said they would do and got creditors removed from credit report. Three months later and my middle score is in the mid 700's now I can go house hunting thanks Ms. Walker. I highly recommend using her and her services.


I loved Cure My Credit Score because they gave me new hope for buying a house. My credit score jumped in less than 3 months with little to no work on my part. Bonita Grant is very pleasant to work with and will definitely get the job done.


Thanks to Cure my credit I was able to purchase a home for the first time .Bonita was my mentor got my credit where it need to be to succeed in my journey to have home ownership. I will and have recommend Cure my credit to anyone that needs to clean up their credit so you can get to a 700 credit sco... See More


I Love this program! Mrs. Bonita was absolutely the best! If it wasn't for her assistance my husband and I will not be house shopping right now! I will always recommend!!!!!


Cure my Credit 700 fixed the mistakes on my credit report and I was at a 700 in 5 rounds!!!


I have been very impressed with the results of my credit score. Bonita has helped me out in so many ways.


Cure My Credit 700 got a great recommendation by Lincoln

Lincoln C gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Rating

I basically didnt exist without good credit my scores were so low i couldnt even get a marshalls card. I was reffered to this company right away i was impressed by the level of professionalism i found in Bonita Grant. She told me how credit worked the organizations how they report. How late and smal... See More


Bonita Grant is the REAL DEAL and will CURE your credit....

Alicia Stukes gave Cure My Credit 700 a 5 star Review on Facebook

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