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I will highly recommend Curalin to anyone, Since I started talking Curalin almost 4 months now my A1C level has been reduced to normal.


CuraLin works great I recommend it 100%


Very impressed with Curalin! I received the 3-bottle pack on March 28, 2019 but decided to start taking it on a Sunday (3/31/19). For several days I took it as directed on the bottle. At the same time, I was still taking Metformin 500 mg twice daily. After 4 days, my morning FSG has gone down notice... See More


My name is Neil Thomas. I am 66 years old and have been retired for 6 years. I had a heart attack 3 years ago and every ailment following that event I blamed on my heart condition. So even when I had all the signs of diabetes such as, constantly feeling tired, feeling thirsty, up 5 times a night to ... See More


Best supplement ever. I am very impressed with the results and ever si grateful that this popped up in my FB page. Thank you Curalin!


Curalin so far is keeping my numbers down. I’ve been seeing 94 to 104. I’m happy thus far. I have 2 more bottles of 180 count and when I’m done and the numbers look good, I’d be silly not to re-order. No prescriptions please for this gal!


I love Curalin because it had changed my life for the better. My blood sugar as decrease to normal. Prior to Curalin my blood sugar was uncontrollable even with 2 medications. I can’t express how grateful I am for Curalin.


My experience with Curalin has been GREAT. My morning numbers were always way over 200...after 2 months they are still s little high...about 140. That's still ok since all they can do is improve. My a1c went from 9.3 down to too will go lower with more exercise. I was taking 2 high dose Janum... See More


For months my sugar have been out of control in the 300s to 3 fifties and my doctor wanted to put me on prescription drugs. I have been on prescription drugs until 2001 when I had a gastric bypass and lost 110 pounds and didn’t need medications any longer. I kept the weight off for probably 10 ye... See More


This is a great product, I was on Insulin twice a day I'm off all insulin.

This has change my life! From 504 to 145 in my sugars numbers wow! Thanks

Ricardo Jimenez gave CuraLife a 5 star review

I will highly recommend Curalin to anyone, Since I started talking Curalin almost 4 months now my A1C level has been reduced to normal.

Nickan Ann gave CuraLife a 5 star review

Curalin has brought my sister levels down. I did not want to do insulin. I am hoping to be done with Medformin as my Dr sees my numbers are down.

Lynn Detlie gave CuraLife a 5 star review
Rain Sounds gave CuraLife a 5 star review

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