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Natalie was so easy to work with when I started the process of “fixing my credit”. Though, I didn’t have much hope, I couldn’t understand at the time how it was possible to make it any better than what it was. I spoke with multiple credit agencies who wanted an arm and a leg with “no promises” of how long it would take to “fully repair”. So, My credit score hasn’t been above a 600 in 10 years. I never thought there was hope for my credit until I started this process with Credit Pulse. It was quick, easy, and I saw my first result within the first 30 days. In the first 30 days, I went from a 530 to a 650! I was content! However, it got better, my credit (a few months later) is now a 745! I can hardly believe the options I now have, and the ability to now invest in my future. The only negative area would be that I didn’t find Natalie sooner! My credit jumped almost 300 points, and now I have the knowledge to maintain this amazing score thanks to Natalie. I couldn’t be happier. This is an amazing firm, very honest, helpful, and loves to help others. Any person who struggles with high interest rates and low credit would very much benefit from this process. Thank you Natalie from the bottom of my heart, you really helped to show that I have a brighter future ahead. What you did for me was priceless!

-- Rachel H

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