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When I tell yall that my mind was blown to pieces, rebuilt and branded for a new chapter in my life. Mrs. Saloam !!!! Your class today, last Saturday, every daily and morning message that you give means a LOT. I started with you when my credit could have improved so much but I wasn't willing to do the work. As soon as I started listening and APPLYING what you have instilled in me my credit began to evolve! In one week my credit rose 93 points right after you explained how I could do so with your credit... Read More...

Lynn Walker recommends Credit Power on Facebook

I took a seminar today with credit power and I am literally blown away with all the information that I received! I recommend ANYONE that has or is starting a business to invest in yourself and take at least one of their seminars. Unfortunately, I got there a little late so in less than two hours, I learned about personal credit, business credit, tips on writing a business plan, resources for how to start a business and build the credit once I do start, information on the sherriff's sale, and she even... Read More...

Cha'Rysse Michelle recommends Credit Power on Facebook

amazing experience. wonderful Team, they are truly the best....

Santorria Knox recommends Credit Power on Facebook

Jayla Strongly Recommends Credit Power

Jayla B gave Credit Power a 5 star Rating

Antoinese enjoyed the experience with Credit Power

Antoinese M gave Credit Power a 5 star Rating

I love credit power because they did what they promised to do in a short period of time awesome company!!!


Deidra Strongly Recommends Credit Power

Deidra W gave Credit Power a 5 star Rating

Credit Power got a great recommendation by Tenika

Tenika C gave Credit Power a 5 star Rating

Credit power ALWAYS gets the job done ✅


great place great god fearing people they will help and if not they will point u to the right direction...

Latreace Snead recommends Credit Power on Facebook

I’m just beginning but the team is wonderful, so caring. Ms saloam is wonderful, her energy is out of this world....

Shauni Weston recommends Credit Power on Facebook

I have been with credit power, not even a full year yet, and have see tremendous results from this team! Had I did what they instructed me to do, such as, purchase a secured credit card, I would be in the high 7’s.... But I do plan on doing so, very soon. With this company on our side, there is no looking back! Thank you Credit power, for all your good work and effort, helping me and my family, restore our credit💪🏾 #TEAMCREDITPOWER...

Tamara Cotton recommends Credit Power on Facebook

Happy to say my credit score has jumped to 620(really its 607 after all 3 credit bureaus averaged out). Since Jan 6th 2019 this new year. Big contributors are, Capital One secure credit card and keeping a minimum balance 50% or less credit utilized and on time payments, Credit One Bank secure credit card using 40% or less credit and on time payments, MoneyLion loans (500 short term loan and also stock market account), same thing on time payments, my vehicle loan (through capital one) having on time... Read More...

R John Joseph D recommends Credit Power on Facebook

Saloam is so amazing and professional. She knows exactly what need to be done to get you where you need to be in life. She goes above and beyond. She is heaven sent. Saloam is the reason my children and I are on our way to living a better and more stable life....

TN Jones recommends Credit Power on Facebook

Saloam is amazing!!... Her encouragement and support always comes when I need it the most!!... She continues to lead and guide me with her expertise to build better life for me and my family!!... May...

Sonya McCoullum recommends Credit Power on Facebook
Michelle Draper gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

Saloam’s energy is like no other!!! I had my consultation with her and we reviewed everything to see what needed to be done to get my score all the way up! I’m so excited to work with her to get my credit where it needs to be to move forward with my business! Empowerment is my passion and Credit Power LLC. is apart of my journey in entrepreneurship! There’s nowhere but UP from here!!!!...

LaShesia Holliday gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

Ms Bey is a life changer she will show u that there is life after having bad or no credit ....

Wilhelmenia Nix gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook
Thea Steave gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

I just spoke to Saloam and she was very helpful. I am looking forward to working with her....

Darlene Trower gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

Credit power is a beautiful blessing that's I'm so proud of...

Melicia Bey Cartlidge gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

I’ve been with her for a little over a month and she has already gotten 11 things deleted from my account and took one of my credit scores from 613 to 665! She is absolutely amazing at what she does! Thank you so much!!...

Shannon Darwin gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

Checked my credit score this morning and it went up 82 points with transunion 78 points with equifax and 85 points with Experian!! Thank you soooo much for not only helping me with this credit fixing process but also for being patient with me, reassuring me that everything will be okay when I feel/felt overwhelmed and educating me!...

JaCoiya Nata'e gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook
Dymond Martin gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

There's no way but up from here!!!!!! Thank you so much Credit Power LLC!!!...

Leah J. Anderson gave Credit Power a 5 star Review on Facebook

After experiencing difficulty enrolling online, Mrs. Salomon Bey stayed on the phone with me to complete the process. She ensured that I was able to enroll, access the client portal, and view credit my reports. I appreciate Mrs. Bey’s willingness and generosity to assist me. I’m excited to begin my journey with Credit Power LLC. She is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and a trailblazer in the industry.

Briana McCoy gave Credit Power LLC a 5 star review

Thank You Credit Power LLC, This business has helped me set up my first credit card and educated me on how to better manage my money according to my lifestyle! I can not thank Saloam Bey enough for taking the time to give me the knowledge I need to start my credit journey! As a college student I thought it would be impossible for me to have a credit card but with one consultation I already have a positive mindset on moving forward and building by credit for my future endeavours! Thank you Credit Power LLC!!!!

Todd Griffin gave Credit Power LLC a 5 star review

I have been working with Credit Power LLC to restore my personal credit and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Their approach includes education of major credit components, and proper utilization of credit limits which positions you to maintain your credit health after you’ve reached your credit goals.

Tina Daniels gave Credit Power LLC a 5 star review

This is my second time around with credit repair (shame on me). If there is someone that can vouch for this company, it is myself. Many of these credit repair agencies are very cookie cutter (in a way, they have to be). This group has a bit more to offer. As some may know, having great credit is not ONLY about having negative items removed. This company will actually take the time to talk with you about a complete game plan. They will do everything they can possibly do to have negatives removed, and also teach you strategies to BUILD credit. Removing items can only help so much. Long story short(er), this is a high quality agency. I highly recommend this company.

Kyle Johanneck gave Credit Power LLC a 5 star review

I heard about this company through word of mouth. Word of mouth is always good. There is so many Great Experiences that I had with this company. They are very well educated individuals. Everyone will guide you through every single step of getting your Credit better.. My advice as a customer is never feel discouraged about your credit. Thank you and Many Blessings to the Credit Power Team for your help!!

Jordan Williams gave Credit Power LLC a 5 star review

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