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Thank you so much Benjie for all you did for me and for all of your patience. My loan closed with no issues. I will be doing more business with you in the near future. You can be sure that if I know anyone looking for a loan they will have your name and number from me!

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What an awesome company. They did everything they said they would, and more. They went above and beyond working on this, and especially all of the little things. Gave us great information, and instructions on what to pay attention to, and how to do better, and what to look for in the future.
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Credit Hub was informing and educating. Benji was excellent with working with my Fiancé’ and I to get approved for our business credit. We never left like we were being rushed on our phone calls... I would likely recommend Credit Hub for any credit repair or Business Credit!...

LaToyia Jackson gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

Latoyia Strongly Recommends CreditHub

Latoyia J gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating

Ltonya had a great experience with CreditHub

Ltonya W gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating

Tashawna had a great experience with CreditHub

Tashawna C gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating

It’s been a great experience working with Credit Hub. Working with Benjie Nunn has also been a great learning experience. He’s very knowledgeable and was willing to explain my process thoroughly. Since I’ve been working with Benjie, my credit score has jumped over 110 point over a few months span. It been a great experience. Thank you!!...

Lawrence Hough gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

Lawrence Strongly Recommends CreditHub

Lawrence H gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating

It is giving me a fresh start.


Yemi enjoyed the experience with CreditHub

Yemi A gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating

My experience with Credit Hub has been amazing. This experience has been a real game changer. I've worked with Benjie for 1 year now and to-date my credit score has increased 225 points from our inception. After just 2 months I believe it was, Benjie's expertise had proven itself as my score had already risen 169 points! He has been very informative along this journey and made sure I was educated about the process as well. I would recommend the Credit Hub to anyone that is ready to make a real change... Read More...

Nikiya Richard gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

Benjie was a great help to understand how everything works and we are off to a good start.

Thanks so much!...

Ricardo Leveron gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

The Credit Hub team is so amazing! They are always kind and very understanding of my hectic schedule, as I have had to reschedule a couple of counseling sessions. They took the time to educate me on how credit really works, so that I make better choices now and in the future. We have monthly follow up and progress report consultations in person or virtually. Moreover, as a real estate professional I have helped guide my clients successfully down the road to home ownership with the Credit Hub team. And... Read More...

Whitney Kennedy gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

Everyone at Credit Hub has been extremely helpful and informative! They were patient during the consultation process and answered all of my questions. This was extremely impressive because I had not even agreed to utilize the services at that time. Since, my home loan officer referred me to Credit Hub and I started utilizing their services, my credit scores have improved immensely! Each step of the process was explained so that I can maintain my good credit. I would definitely recommend family,... Read More...

Tonnie Tawn gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

When Ms. Godown first contacted me from CreditHub I was a little nervous because I have tried other credit programs that turned out to lead to a dead end. The advice and assistance I received from this organization was truthful and not misleading at all. After carefully following the steps needed to improve my scores, they jumped almost 100 points within 30 days. I was truly amazed. My score continues to climb and I continue to seek the knowledge of the represenatives at CreditHub....

Keisha Reese gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google

When I began working with Benji at CreditHub my score was not where I wanted it to be. In the beginning stages, I was excited and ready to get to work. I began working with Benji in September of 2017 and just a few months later my credit score has been raised over 139 points! CreditHub is through when it comes to investigating items, disputing the accuracy, and getting things removed from the reports. The monthly check-ins from Benji to make sure I know the status of my credit and what he is working on... Read More...

J T gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Google
CreditHub Replied: Its our pleasure!
Benjie Nunn gave CreditHub a 5 star Rating on Google

In only a month my score has increased over 100 points and accounts that should not have been on my report have been deleted. Benjie is extremely knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to breaking down every single account on your credit report. He knows my goals financially and gives great advice on what I need to do to increase my score. I never thought my score would increase so much in only 30 days but it really did. I am one step closer to being a homeowner thanks to Benjie and his team....

Erin Coy gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook
Taron M Buggs gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

Credit Docs is a great source to start rebuilding your credit. They provide me with excellent information and detailed instruction on rebuilding my credit after bankruptcy. After a short amount of time I was approved for a home loan. Thanks Credit Docs for all of your help. 😊...

Nina Brewster - Flood gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

tony walker
★★★★★ in the last week
‎Ti Luise‎ to Credit Docs
1 min ·
Credit Docs is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! My wife, and I started together,and I have increased my fico score from 560 to 751 in a very short time, and my wife from 614 to 730! We had a great deal of things that needed removal, and they were all removed. At the same time as the removal, they began the process of rebuilding. Benji was extremely pleasant, patient, and humble. He answered the many questions that we had. No matter how many... Read More...

Ti Luise gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

I can attest to Credit Docs being an awesome source for building credit. The biggest difference is he works with you and gives you advice OUTSIDE of the services he offers. Thats the biggest difference, its more than just the one service, he wanted to help me overall....

Michael Goggans gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

Credit Docs was able to increase my score over 100 points in the first 30 days which came me as a surprise my results were that quick. The initial credit evaluation and advice I was given was very helpful. Benjie was very detailed in pointing out areas of improvement. I'm only 30 days in and I can tell you first hand it works and my results are more than satisfactory thus far. Great service, customer service and credit education. I look forward to even more positive results. If you need help building... Read More...

DeMario Lipkin gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

Just Approved For Amazon Corporate Credit Line 6,00O. NO PG Needed!
At first, I truly thought corporate credit was for fortune 500 companies. Benjie and his team of credit advisors has such amazing transparency, nothing like I have ever seen. So I decided to take a leap of faith with this whole business credit model. 6 months in and my business was approved for a 6,000 line of credit with Amazon without a personal credit Check or guarantee.
10 tradelines and going strong!!! Thank You Credit Docs!!...

Patricia Landon gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

In as little as 1 month my credit increased 100 points if your looking to repair/fix your credit dont hesitate Benjie can truly help you out with that...

Vanessa Moore gave CreditHub a 4 star Review on Facebook

Benjie Nunn is the best! I would recommend him anytime....

Jackee Hutchins gave CreditHub a 4 star Review on Facebook

My credit score has increased tremendously, thanks to Credit Docs. I am closer than ever to reaching my goal. Definitely, I recommend anyone to make this phone call and take control of your credit....

Paul Max gave CreditHub a 5 star Review on Facebook

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