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I thought I knew about credit until I came across Uncle Mike on YouTube. After watching about twenty - five videos in less then two days, I was astonished how much free information Mike dropped video after video. Since joining the MasterMind, I am now dreaming of new ideas everyday. I understand the need to monetize your purpose to "Think and Grow Rich." I love helping people, and when you attach what you do every day to your definite major purpose, you become unstoppable. Since signing up, I am now days away from kickstarting a credit repair division within my company. I project before the end of 1st Quarter 2021; this division will need to become a separate entity. Mike and Trevor changed what I dreamed of being possible for my life. I now aim to produce a three-tier online education module, something that was never on my radar. Anyone that is on the fence or asking the question, "Is this guy for real?" Trust and believe that this program is the blueprint to unlock your true potential. If you are ready to step outside of your box, then invest in yourself, your dreams are worth it. Mike, I can't wait until "outside opens back up." Whenever you begin offering the in-person one-on-one trainings, I will be there!

-- Leman R

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