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I love the credit Game, Because just like most games it's design/purpose allows everyone Great chance to win if you play by the rule! I purchased the associates program back in Sept 2020 with "low limit,high interest" credit cards so I had to spread the purchase price out our several cards, But (Devon) was willing to work with me, Now all I had was the associates program, $900.00 credit card bill, No job, And no way to pay the bill! So I had to go even deeper into the Red. Now I Negligent Because I fail to put the information to good use. But What I did do was sign up for the free Experian credit monitoring account, and keep my credit utilization down to 2% just like Big Mike said! It just so happen a very old charge off my report, got an email from experian pointing out that my credit score was raised 84 Points! I'm sitting on 719 score, now and my TU and EQ score shoot up to and I still have

-- Eddie W

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