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Well, let’s be honest I mean it’s a “review” right? I know, I know, y’all do t want to read the whole life story so instead of enlighten those reading this on what not to do in life I’d rather take this time to show my utmost gratitude and thanks to Devon and all the people at Credit Game U. I said thanks so here’s what’s factual. Anyone can press 5 stars and say thank you but here ya go. In January 2021 I ordered a few different products and online downloads(I say a few, more like I spent $2433) and I hit the ground running. Dispute this and that really thinking I was doing something. So I thought. I started studying the credit game from tons of folks on YouTube and came across Mike. Lots of energy and hellbent on helping people like me. Not just selling the hey I can fix it all with one swipe type product. I liked his knowledge, willingness to help out, and of course all those gems and nuggets. Lol finally after trying the repair myself (this would be the 6th time I thought I could do it) I saw the video he posted about HIS credit repair. I reached out March 3, 2021 while traveling home from Indiana and spoke with Devon and told him the backstory and he set everything up and was very understanding that people screw up, were humans it’s in our DNA. I literally watched every video on that long trip home and was practically begging for more. It was like every question no one could answer was right there. On a video or black and white. Credit game is a beast. If you follow it play by play you’ll gain results like I did. So enough with the BS. HERES WHAT YALL WANNA SEE RIGHT!!! and no, this isn’t any photoshops or whatever. Jus a screenshot or two. If you have ANY doubts about if it’s a scam or remotely second guess yourself if you should just let me stop you and say this. Was I uneasy and thinking fraud? Absolutely. I was like here we go again more wasted money. But something deep down was like do it. So I did. On Jan 1 2021 my scores were exp 512 equ 474 and trans 449. Collections late payments etc you name it I had it. I purchased their services on MARCH 3. One more time for the folks in the back. MARCH 3, 2021. Now as of 4/20/2021 here’s my scores. EXP 691 EQU 666 TRANS 660. I can honestly sit here and say that out of everything I purchased and all the different repair companies I tried. This one.... actually fulfilled their statements

-- Dylan TheDon Harkins

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