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I signed up to credit university today, and Lyle help me out tremendously. He’s was patient, and very thorough with everything. He answered all my questions and made me feel a
Confortable with the process.


I would like to say that Lyle has been the only person who has done a professional job by taking care of me when ever I had a question he got back to me with the answer the next day great employee


I had a great experience with Lyle, he was vey helpful and spoke very clearly


When I first started watching Mike on YouTube, I believed him for some reason and I tried a couple of his credit tricks, while watching his videos, and it worked! He knows credit, knows How and Why his way works. My credit repair was 30 days ago and I’m getting emails daily about my credit scores already improving. Don’t procrastinate on a brighter future for yourself! Just do it now 😊

Mike makes you feel like he’s gonna be there for you during this, and he is. It’s the real deal.

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I love the credit Game, Because just like most games it's design/purpose allows everyone Great chance to win if you play by the rule! I purchased the associates program back in Sept 2020 with "low limit,high interest" credit cards so I had to spread the purchase price out our several cards, But (D... See More


I called the Credit Game and spoke to Jared. He explained the Associates Program to me and I was all in to make changes to my credit score. Jared took time to explain and to provided great detail on how the Associates Program would guide me step by step!! Jared was RIGHT!! IT WORKED and my Credit Sc... See More


I into it with apprehension and rightfully so ,what with all the scams out there now .But I have to say that the customer service is very attentive and professional..I have to give 5stars to lyle for his help and doing his best to put the customer first ..he's definitely an asset to the company and... See More


This works. I had a credit score of 768 got falsely arrested and spent 14 months on house arrest where the judge refused to let me work. After found not guilty from a jury 11-0 I was finally able to go back to work. My credit was now 453. I bought the bachelor's program. I did not have time to do it... See More


The credit game works!
I purchased the associates edition (8/21/20) and essentially got my money right back because of the information; I was also was able to help other's (e.g., was able to remove collections, and negative's, from my reports and others). I got my score to go up 100pts in two mont... See More


The CREDIT GAME helped me improve my score by 26 points week one, and 40 points week 2. I have barely started, I am so grateful for this financial education, it is priceless.

Kendra M gave Credit Game a 4 star Rating

Shawn LOVED Credit Game

Shawn N gave Credit Game a 5 star Rating

Great program and alot of tips and tricks


This is by far the best investment I've ever made in my life. Mike and his team truly care about each and every customer they speak to and put the needs of the customer before the company profits. I couldn't of raised my credit score to were it is if it wasn't for Mike. I can't thank you enough for... See More


Great information. I use my phone to access information. I have no access to computer or tablet at the moment.


I love the Credit Game because it takes you step by step through the process of understanding credit along with how to handle the repairing portion. I now have a much better grasp as to how to increase my score and maintain it.


It really helped me in my time of need...


Words cant really describe the amount of care about thier fellow human. the arent concerned about the bottom line, the care about you and want you to achieve your full potential. Its like Mike says, Noone teaches you about credit. Give these guys a chance and let them help you get out of the rat race and get what you deserve. Just remember you can do this, don't give up, and let the Credit game university be your mentor. You guys are amazing and will always hold you in the highest of praises! thank you for... Read More

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I love it because it's quite detailed and very educational. I just wish there were more detailed information on how to make money with this program such as I never received Trevor's Links to amex ect. Also it did'nt include any arbitration links or paperwork. Just would like more money making inform... See More


Love learning alot about credit report. The hubby Paid for and it was worth it. Can't wait for the master program.

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