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I am writing to give a shout out regarding my experience with the Credit Game. I joined the Lambo Program in mid-April. Once my documents were verified, they began working on my file on April 29th. That day, 5 of the 10 negative items on my credit report were deleted. I was ecstatic! While it took 4 1/2 more months and a little impatience on my part, admittedly, the remaining 5 items were deleted. My score at the start was 580 and it is now 749. I cannot tell you how good a feeling it is to have my credit restored to what it has always been, if not for a slight rough patch in 2016. I am moving in to a new apartment in a few weeks (maybe a townhome in a year) and will be purchasing a vehicle at the end of the year. I am also more attentive to my credit than I ever have been and intend to continue to do so. For anyone contemplating The Credit Game, it is worth the money and investment in yourself. Manage your expectations regarding the process and just understand that it does or can take time. It is not instantaneous. Many many thanks Mike and to the vendor, Elite Deletions.

-- Sonya B

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