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The credit game literally saved my life I am dying and I need a kidney transplant I make $900 a month off of my social security disability I want very slick I was heavily medicated on oxycontin that I need for my page and I heard my talking about get off your ass by this program change your life do it now don't ask why for the next 10 people I am going to give you guess I'm going to give you that so I did it the three many nights that I spent was money spent well the next day I was able 2 get $10,000 $5,000 loan from the government and a $5,000 Grant from the government for a business that I had well anyway to make a long story short get ready because I'm going to get a kidney I'm going to live and I'm going to make a lot of money because I might can Trever thank you credit game University I can't wait to get my alumni ring I am going to wear that so proud get the program take your time and listen to it teach your kids well thank you Mike and Trever oh yeah and I want to spend a special thank you to the lady of customer service that has helped me out so much thanks you guys

-- julian T

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