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So My credit information was stolen along with many people from Equifax. They offered no help at the time and I searched for help. I ended up finding the credit game through YouTube. After watching the videos for a while I purchased the course. It gives you all the information you need and the forms you need to fight what should b we an easy fix. But nothing for the public to prove their being treated badly is easy. It takes sometime but My credit score has already changed from 482 to a 620 in just 2 months. I plan on making a few more purchases so I can raise my credit into the 800's but only after I finished removing incorrect information which takes time because a debit collector doesn't care right from wrong just taking your money and so they lie and fight till you force their hand to remove fake information from your credit. I plan on suing Equifax because this has impacted my finances & life negatively in a big way.

-- Daniel O

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