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Posted: 8/29/2020 12:00:00 AM about Credilife

So I’m up early drinking my coffee and just thinking how absolutely blessed I am to have stumbled across this company! I’ll admit in the beginning I was very skeptical, because I have been scammed before by Lexington Law, Credit Sesame, and a private local person. But something kept telling me to go for it! I am so glad I listened to my gut. I first started at a 447 credit score, and I’m proud to say that now I’m sitting in the 700s and just got my first prequalify for a mortgage (as a single mom). My coach is Jerrad Havins, he is phenomenal! The one thing I really always liked about this company is it’s very much so a personal, family type of atmosphere if that makes sense. You’re not thrown into a call center and get random ppl each time ect, it’s really a very personal touch they give their clients, almost like you’re family/friends, I really can’t explain it. He’s always there for me and I can reach out to him 24/7 if needed to. But most of all he has helped me so much more than just the numbers!! He gave me a life back! He gave me hope! He taught me you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it! He taught me so much of the importance of your credit! And how it’s your second life line basically! He taught me how to make responsible everyday decisions! He taught me so much that I’m going to be able to instill into my 14 year old son! I’m literally in tears writing this because I am just so grateful and can go on and on here! I don’t usually ever do reviews on anything but I want to so if anyone out there is like I was in the beginning, SKEPTICAL, I promise you this company is where you want to be! They have changed my life in many ways and gave me a self esteem, confidence that I lost a long time ago! They have heart! They have a free group of Facebook where you can always get experience strength and hope from them and many others, I’m just in awe and thankful. They have stood by me every step of the way on my journey! Phenomenal group and the real deal,I hope they’re around for many many decades to come giving ppl hope and helping them learn the everyday basic fundamentals of life ect....I will always be their #1 fan

Oh and I don’t like to gloat too soon, but I JUST GOT PRE APPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE!!!!!! BAM!

-- Kimmy C

Credilife® Replied

Kimmy, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. It took my breath away reading this. I know I can speak for the entire team here at Credilife® that we couldn't be happier for you and your success! Wishing you all the best now and in the future. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

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