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Gayle Steed gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Rating on Google

Katherine Walker from CPR Consumer's has been great all around! I highly recommend her and anyone else from there! She was honest and upfront about everything and I'm glad I made the decision to hire her!...

jason escobar gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

I was blessed tremendously by Tyler Gregory who offered some wisdom and guidance on my credit repair journey. Essentially he made it possible for me to be eligible to buy a home and so now I'm looking for the first time ever. Thanks so much for all your help and steering me in the right direction.... See More


Over the years my credit became more than the word “terrible” and I felt as if there was no way out of the rut I was in and needed some help. I fell in love with a house that is dear to my heart but my credit score was holding me back. Susie Waller with Waller Realty connected me with CPR Consumers and Ms. Katherine Walker. Not only has my credit score dramatically increased, but I will be closing soon on the home of my dreams! If you are looking for a home and need your credit score up to par, contact... Read More...

Angela Hendrix gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

This place has helped me so much with my credit! I was amazed at how efficient Tyler Gregory is! I started in the 400s and within months my score was sky rocketing! I was completely skeptical and worried about getting taken advantage of at first but he has proven himself time and time again to be legit! So happy I took a chance with him! It is worth it! You will NOT be sorry!...

Casey Williamson gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

Tyler Gregory is great at what he does. He has always kept me aware and informed during the hole process of jumping my credit score to the highest it's ever been...

Justin Paul Pruden gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google
Justin P gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Rating

Tyler was amazing. He was honest and told me what to expect and then exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much...

Mary Kue gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google
Mary B gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Rating

Definitely changed my family's life for the better! Very knowledgeable, friendly, and non judgmental of my past debt accumulations. Tyler Gregory and his team have surpassed my expectations with helping us. I reccomend everyone to give them a call for guidance or credit repair help!...

Jonathon Scott gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

If anyone needs help with medical bills gathering on you credit and hurting you credit talk to Katherine Walker she has already gotten over $7000 worth of medicals Bill's off my credit in 1 month she is available anytime and great to talk with and she keeps you updated by calling unlike all the rest. She actually cares about the person not the money and one of the best. just tell her kaylee green sent you and she will help you with that credit score and those pesky medical Bill's and etc....

kaylee dunkerson gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

CPR consumers is amazing thanks to Tyler Gregory! My credit has increased 160 points in as little as 5 months! Tyler has always been very patient, understanding and honest to work with! I highly recommend this company and Tyler Gregory! He is here to help YOU better your lives for yourself and your families!...

Mallory Aulds gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

Wonderful experience!! Katherine Walker will make you feel like family! A life saver!!...

chad hendrix gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

I appreciated Mr.Tylor within 45 days he fix my credit and rise my scores....

Hana Alqaisi gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

Tyler Gregory is amazing I had to do nothing but call him and he dealt with my credit and has made it jump so much in such short time thank you...

Emilio Maisonet gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

CPR Consumers are excellent. Katherine is so nice....

Aretha Harmon gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google

So I started working with Katherine Walker at CPR consumers and OMG...she was able to get soooooo many things deleted off of my credit report QUICKLY! And my credit report shot up in a few months! She kept me updated on where she was in the process the entire time and is so knowledgeable about this credit stuff. She has also given me ways to continue building my credit and educated me on the dos and donts when it comes to credit. This way i can continue improving/ maintaining my credit score well after... Read More...

Miracle Freeman gave CPR Consumers a 5 star Review on Google
Venus Dgz Recommends CPR Consumers

Simply awesome! That’s how I describe CPR Consumers LLC to my friends and family. I’m deeply skeptical of most companies I do business with, and for good reason. Most companies don’t do what they say they will and deliver on their promises CPR Consumers LLC is a rare exception! From the first time I reached out to them my experience has been outstanding. They answer my calls, and return calls and email me back promptly. Most important, they are so friendly, helpful, and nice when we talk that I don’t even want to get off the phone. Their service has been a life-changing experience for me as it’s delivered results WAY beyond what I hoped for. Most companies I deal with over-promise and under-deliver. With CPR Consumers LLC, it’s the complete opposite. The results they’ve delivered me are well beyond what they promised in the beginning. I’m not one to leave reviews for any company, good or bad. But, I had to leave this one as I’m just so happy with my results and the service I’ve received. OUTSTANDING company to work with! I just can’t highly recommend enough.

6 days ago
Tara Barton-Ojeda Recommends CPR Consumers

Tyler Gregory has been helping me fix my credit since January and I already seen it go up over 100 points. He is very friendly and very helpful. He tells exactly how the process works from start to finish. very highly recommend

4 weeks ago
Omar Hernandez Recommends CPR Consumers

Tyler Gregory you are awesome, you are the best at what you do!

1 month ago
Mallory Morgan Recommends CPR Consumers

CPR consumers is amazing thanks to Tyler Gregory (405) 973-8464. My credit has increased 160 points in as little as 5 months! Tyler has always been very patient, understanding and honest to work with! I highly recommend this company and Tyler Gregory! He is here to help YOU better your lives for yourself and your families!

2 months ago
Beau Fletcher Recommends CPR Consumers

Yes I would like to say CPR Consumers is everything they make it out to be. Was told my negative marks would get erased ,everything you could think. The plan that is setup 100% works as long as you follow instruction. Very professional and punctual on all areas. Now I am able to buy whatever I desire . I personally dealt with CPR Tyler Gregory 405-973-8464 he explained everything thorough and made it easy to I understand I would recommend anyone with credit issues to give him a call asap. I sincerely appreciate the service. Beau Fletcher

3 months ago
Alyssa Danielle Drake Recommends CPR Consumers

CPR consumers is outstanding!! Thank you Tyler Gregory (405-973-8464) for such a great experience! The process is fast, easy, and affordable, I saw results within one month. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to repair their credit! You will be well taken care of!!

3 months ago
Christopher N Curtis Recommends CPR Consumers

This man can get your credit score way up !!!!

5 months ago
Marsha Chance Dawson Recommends CPR Consumers

I recently decided to try credit repair and was referred by a friend to Tyler Gregory at CPR Consumers. I have been in the program for less than 2 months and my credit score has already went up. Tyler has removed over half of the negative remarks on my credit and is always very friendly and ready to answer any questions I may have.

5 months ago
Robert Dawson Recommends CPR Consumers

I am so excited about CPR Consumers my credit score was in the low 600's when Tyler started on our credit repair, just 45 days in, I'm well up in the 700's. Absolute great service, Thank you Tyler Gregory for your services.

5 months ago
Stacey Mason-Shipley Recommends CPR Consumers

CPR Consumers Credit Repair Kathrine Walker 903-268-5818 If you are needing help with repairing your credit, cause you found the house of your dreams, a car/truck you've always wanted or just a credit card, Miss Katherine is the best! She will help raise your score and get things back on track. She is absolutely dedicated to helping you and your family. I have tried other companies before and to them your just a number, but with Miss Katherine your a person and nobody else will care more about your needs than her. So please don't hesitate to call her she's the best.

5 months ago
Teri Hesson Recommends CPR Consumers

This is Teri Hesson and I wanted to tell you that if your credit score needs help, you MUST call Tyler Gregory with CPR Consumers at 405-973-8464. He is a pleasure to work with and knows what he is doing. My scores have gone up tremendously and we are not through yet. If you need help with credit repair, Tyler Gregory is your guy!!

6 months ago
Jordan Bobbitt Recommends CPR Consumers

Cpr consumers are awesome thanks to mrs Katherine she got my credit credit up 100points within just a month all around great individual

6 months ago
Cassidy Harvey gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

CPR Consumers have been amazing! Thank you Tyler Gregory for having patients with me and getting me 100% deletion in my first go around with 2 credit bureaus! 2 down, 1 to go! You’ve been such a great help & very understanding! I really appreciate your hard work and kindness!

6 months ago
Jonathan Bannister Recommends CPR Consumers

An absolute pleasure to work with Tyler and his staff at CPR Consumers. They were diligent in the planning process on how to repair my credit score. The strategy that Tyler and his team came up with worked and worked FAST! They helped increase my credit score 100+ points in a very short period of time. They found a lot of inaccurate information on my credit reports that I have been trying to get removed for years, but had no luck doing myself. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their credit score or get things removed that have been inaccurately reported.

8 months ago
Greg Barnhouse Recommends CPR Consumers

Tyler Gregory of CPR Consumers can be counted on for the utmost in professionalism and Credit Repair results. Scores increased from 600s to over 800 and at a reasonable cost. You can reach him at 405-973-8464. You won't be disappointed.

9 months ago
Tracie Wynne gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

This company CPR CONSUMERS and their Credit Repair Specialist Katherine Walker is amazing! I recommend this to everyone. I was so down on my self for the shape my credit was in , I was never taught about the importance of it. So as I am an adult now wanting to buy a house and live nicer, I have had to learn and struggle with my lack of knowledge. KATHRINE WALKER actually has taken the time to explain to me in massive detail everything i have need to know about having good credit , she has walked me basically hand in hand through this entire process . KATHRINE , never lost patience With me when i didnt understand and she never minded reexplaining when i got confused on many separate occasions. I have Never Meet a Nice, most polite, kind and caring person then her. Please give her a call at 903-268-5818 and let her know you saw it from me. You wont regret it. So worth the time and effort this amazing company and especially this Amazing Credit Repair Specialist Katherine Walker does.

9 months ago
Terrell Eubanks gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Thank You Tosha Smith for helping me improve my credit score !! Working with professionals makes a huge difference.. it takes a lot of work, but follow the plan and you’ll see awesome results!!

9 months ago
Janie Lawson gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Choosing CPR Consumers is the best decision I have made!! Tyler Gregory raised my score within forty days. I always receive immediate replies when I have questions in regarding on what is going on with my credit. A friend recommend Tyler and showed me proof that he had helped him tremendously. I made the call two days later and he has worked his wonders since. I highly recommend you give Tyler a call I promise you wont be disappointed.

10 months ago
Donny Wayne gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

I didn’t have bad credit or good credit I had no credit then Tosha got me positive lines of credit going and now I get offers for credit cards in the mail at least once a week. If you need help with establishing your credit give my go to girl a call 214-732-5018. Thanks Tosha

11 months ago
Melinda McCoy gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

CPR Consumers is absolutely amazing! Not only am I getting amazing and quick results but the customer service is top notch! Thank You Tyler for helping me with my credit and being such an amazing person to work with! You guys are a blessing!

1 year ago
Sabrina Gates Cheatham gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Wanted to take a moment and thank Tyler Gregory and CPR Comsumers for the amazing job they have done in just over a month on my husband and my credit! My score has gone up almost 100 points and I have had over 50% deletion in derogatory information, including late payments, collection accounts and completely inaccurate information already removed in this short amount of time! We are working with Tyler and CPR to repair our credit so that we can close on our dream home this summer. With the way their team is knocking it out of the park we are very certain we are well on our way! I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of credit repair, even if you think it’s beyond repair... they can definitely work miracles. Give them a try!

1 year ago
Stephen York gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Thanks Tyler Gregory for helping me getting my credit right if yall need a great person to help you he is the guy!!

1 year ago
CharlesnStephanie Cooper gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

If you have ever had the feeling of wanting to purchase something so bad and were unable to due to your credit, you need to call Tyler Gregory with CPR Consumers @ 405-973-8464. My husband and I have just been pre approved to buy our first home and when I got that call....I have to say I absolutely cried. I had 13 deletions on my credit in less than a month and our credit only got better from that point forward. He has been exceptionally wonderful and has diligently worked my credit to increase it and my husbands in a short time. He doesn't just make you a promise.....We are proof that his actions spoke much louder than words. We are so blessed and I have recommended other family and friends that have contacted Tyler Gregory and are now on the path to the same success and dreams that we had. Thank you so much Tyler from Charles and Stephanie Cooper

1 year ago
Laketha Gilder gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Hi my name is laketha I started with Tyler December 20th got actually on board January the 5th. I had 25 items on my credit report, now I only have 14. Today is February 17th my credit score went from 576 to 638 in 43 days literally. So if you're looking for someone to help your credit I will definitely give Tyler a call and use me (laketha) for a reference to get a discount. If I had to write a report on him with 1 been the worse and 10 being the best I will give him a 1000 likes. I've been with many credit repair companies some, I thought was good. Because they got the things off my credit but they always came back. Other's just took my money and didn't see a change in my credit at all. So because of that, when I started with tyler I was very skeptical at first. You can definitely ask him about that, but I eventually came around because I really really wanted a house where my children can grow up saying that this is ours. THIS IS HOME. So if you really want to change your life around. For you and your family. Tyler was my go-to guy and he should be yours too. You can give Tyler a call at (405)-973-8464. Go ahead give him a call today try him out what do you have to lose by giving him this call. You know the saying it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Your credit that is. Who don't need credit? So call TYLER today, and have a blessed day.

1 year ago
Kenneth Mitchell gave CPR Consumers a 5 star review

Hi my name Kenneth and if you're looking to get good credit repair work,CPR Consumers a be your best connection. I started out back in October of last year with my credit score of 484. All my old debts have been getting wiped off left and right. It's only been 4 months of work so far. As of now my credit score has increase into the high 600's and progress is still being made. He's very honest, straight forward and dedicated with improving your credit.I say that he's the best credit repairing company out there. You won't be disappointed. You can contact Mr. Tyler Gregory at : 405-973-8464

1 year ago

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