Courthouse Academy

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3217 Monet Dr.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453
United States

Being a first time mom, I was so nervous about having to go back to work and send my daughter to daycare at only 9 weeks old. Courthouse was amazing at helping make the transition easy for me. We’ve been there for about 11 months now and couldn’t be happier! My daughter gets so excited and happy every day I bring her. Her teachers are amazing at being attentive to my daughters needs and genuinely love what they do. The front desk staff are always so helpful and easy to talk to. We are so happy with our decision in choosing Courthouse.

Lauren Neff gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

We ♥️ Courthouse Academy! Our 2 year old has been attending for 6 months and our newborn will attend in the spring. The staff is wonderful and nearly every teacher across the school knows my daughter by name. They have great events and additional programs you can enroll your child in. PLUS the Spanish immersion programs. Briana Koo s

Briana Koons gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

I helped out here with the after-school program for four months and I’m sad to leave. The staff are serious about their work, kind, understanding, creative, and fun, and the kids are amazing! I appreciate the overall experience they give the students — not just the extensive education but also the positive environment of teaching them who they are and how to treat others.

JAMES WHITTEMORE gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

Moving to a new city when my husband is deployed with the Navy is hard enough, but having to secure employment, a place to live and a safe school for our son made the situation even more challenging. Prior to Courthouse Academy, I had my son in two different schools. What I experienced was heartbreaking. Too often, childcare providers are underpaid and undertrained and not qualified enough to work with children. This leads to high turnover, stressed staff and a low-quality level of childcare. What I experienced at other childcare institutions was a sharp difference between the theory and the practice. My son was not learning anything, he was often placed in groups with other children that were much older or younger just to “keep ratio” and there were too many hazards and cases of poor judgment. At Courthouse Academy it has been a true breath of fresh air. All the teachers and teacher’s aides seem to truly love and enjoy their jobs and many have been there for a long time. There is always plenty of staff at the front desk and they keep the children very safe. The building is extremely clean, safe and always freshly decorated with the children’s school work. The teachers are organized, talented and communicate very well with parents. The teachers communicate with the children and the parents from a place of love and it shows in everything they do. You simply cannot put a price on peace of mind. And with Courthouse Academy, I never have to worry about my son’s safety because I trust the administrators and the staff there very much. At Courthouse Academy my son comes home and tells me what he learns every single day. I am no longer hearing “I don’t know”, or “I played”, or “I went outside” from my son. He sings me new songs in Spanish and English, he tells me the new words he is learning, he shows me his school work, and most of all he tells me how loving and kind his two teachers are which warms my heart and makes me so happy.

Tammy Valencia Mujica gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

Courthouse academy offers a great curriculum and atmosphere for my kids. The staff is wonderful and genuinely care about their students.

Julie Keegan gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

I absolutely love this school. Our 3 year old son is in his 2nd year at Courthouse Academy and has learned so much there. The Spanish immersion classes that... more

Angelina Y. gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review

What really matters to me are my kids love for their teachers. My daughter is in the 4 year old class and has been attending since she was a toddler. She... more

Philip M. gave Courthouse Academy a 5 star review
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