Corner 2 Corner Cleaning

Reviews: 62

Average: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

530 Embassy Drive
Winkler, Manitoba R6W 0J1

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Corner 2 Corner Cleaning. 3 young ladies showed up, right on time. Very knowledgeable and did an INCREDIBLE job. I was ready to pull this carpet out but now, thanks to C2C I’ll save myself thousands on new flooring!

Henry Giesbrecht gave Corner 2 Corner Cleaning a 5 star review

Excellent work hired them to clean dryer ducts in commercial condominium. They work efficiently. You get satisfaction knowing job was done right. They warranty their work. I was so happy I booked them for 2 more buildings.

Brent Menzies gave Corner 2 Corner Cleaning a 5 star review

Friendly and quick service.

Mommy of3 gave Corner 2 Corner Cleaning a 4 star review

Experienced a burst water line early Saturday morning at the company I work for. Needless to say, there was a lot of water on the floor in our office and if we didn't get to cleaning it up asap, the damage was going to be extensive. I texted Corner 2 Corner and even though it was Saturday and they were likely asleep, I briefly explained and asked if there was anyway they could help me clean this up. The owners were there within the hour(quicker than I expected) and got to work. Because it was their day off, I mentioned that they need only vacuum up the water and set out fans to dry. I had to leave, but when I came back a couple hours later, they had all the furniture raised off the floor and moved away from the walls. They had all the baseboards removed as well. All of this was done to ensure they were able to dry everything out as thoroughly as possible, with intentions to keep mold from forming. They went the extra mile when they weren't even requested to. Exceptional job done!

Jetcharger gave Corner 2 Corner Cleaning a 5 star review

I get Corner 2 Corner to clean my carpets several times a year as it is necessary with 2 toddlers and a dog. Every time they finish I am blown away with the improvement in the look and feel of my carpets. Maintenance is key and I will continue to have Corner 2 Corner maintain my carpets for years to come. Thank you Corner 2 Corner for your excellent service!

Megan Prince gave Corner 2 Corner Cleaning a 5 star review
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