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It is an excellent course. I love the assignments which really makes the CLE lessons practical. One is able to learn the nuts and bolts of Compliance, by successfully completing the assignments.


I was looking for opportunities to apply my extensive legal knowledge (acquired in several years of experience working as an attorney) in other areas (e.g. Financial) which would provide me broader chances to grow and build a career in a solid company. I found the Compliance Prep AML Bootcamp which ... See More


As a securities attorney, I work in a highly regulated industry so it is imperative that I keep abreast of ever-changing rules and regulations. Compliance Prep has enabled me to do this by giving me a complete education on AML/ KYC regulations and principles. Additionally, the program is excellent p... See More


Hello. I am a licensed attorney with a background in real estate and compliance. I took the Compliance Prep course because I had unexpectedly been offered a contract position on a major AML project. I had some experience with AML reviews but learned so much while working on the project for approxima... See More


It is a wonderful course and helped a lot understanding the AML business


Jason is extremely passionate about the topics he teaches and it shows. There is no time limit on accessing the course material and Jason response to queries quickly.


1. What made you want to take the course?

After I left the military, I retained my security clearances, which allowed me to continue working in the intelligence arena. I have worked for a variety of defense contractors. Currently, on a part time basis, I am working with a defense contractor in ... See More


At first I was overwhelmed with all the information. Once I set a scheduled time and broke sessions up to study the material, it was not bad. What I like most about this program is it address all learning styles (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic). If you are a hands on learner (Kinesthetic Learner) ... See More


Hi all. I've been looking to make a change in my career and it took me many nights to figure out what I would not mind doing for a 9-5. Eventually, after a ton of research and assessing my background, chose AML. My impression of the course is's totally worth it! If you're ready for a chang... See More


The course is great for purchase. I am not an attorney nor in the legal field. I bought the course without familiarizing myself with the course content since I thought it is a 100% guarantee refund. After the review, AML compliance didn't match my aspirations, and I had no refunds. Instead, referre... See More


The Bootcamp was amazing!

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