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I was really impressed with this company. Everything and options was explained to me about my credit situation. They greeted me with the highest of professionalism and hospitality. I loved speaking with Amber, because she was very informative and thorough.

ShaVatey Powell gave Complete Financial Solutions LLC a 5 star review

Awesome company! My creditor was knowledgeable, proficient, and stuck to her word for sure! She took the time to go over all the positive and negatives affecting my credit. Then, granted many solutions to help maintain or exceed my goals. I would recommend CFS with no doubt about it!

Candice Brown gave Complete Financial Solutions LLC a 5 star review

Miss amber was very helpful and knowledgeable about everything I asked. Very welcoming felt right at home soon as I walked in. Would recommend anybody to go see her, she all about doing what’s best for you.

Bobby King gave Complete Financial Solutions LLC a 5 star review

The information that was given to me was impeccable. I really appreciate the service and quality of information that was given to me. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Complete Financial Solutions, LLC for information about your credit.

William Dobbs gave Complete Financial Solutions LLC a 5 star review

Great company. Well equipped to handle all of your financial, credit and tax questions and concerns. They work with you and educate you on how to keep your financial life healthy and thriving

Amarr Croskey gave Complete Financial Solutions LLC a 5 star review
Tichina Lasha Mason Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Amber was GREAT & explained everything to me perfectly 😘

1 week ago
Aye Sha Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

I'm so happy with the Services I'm receiving. I'm ready/ preparing to build for the future.

2 weeks ago
Sheena Princess Reed Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Very efficient in explaining the credit repair process. Great customer service!!! I will definitely be referring my family and friends.

3 weeks ago
Somarda Scott Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Kharin has been educating me on how to improve my credit as I take her advice and she works also on removing negative items. My credit score jumps 60 points within the first month. Her team has been great. I’m going to continue see where my credit restoration journey leads! Thanks Kharin & Amber!!

1 month ago
Jazmine Powers Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

My experience with Complete Financial Solutions LLC was awesome! Amber did a great job educating me and giving me next steps to aid in my financial growth/future financial decisions. I highly recommend this company to everyone!!

1 month ago
Margo Henton Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Kharin is very professional she makes sure you understand and she is very detailed. I was recommended and I am very pleased with her services.

1 month ago
Charra Minor Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Very professional. Kahrin and Amber genuinely want to help you help yourself. Best in the business when it comes to finances and taxes. Go see them

2 months ago
Christopher Hill Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

I was more than pleased. Kharin really took her time to go over information and was detailed about what and how she does. She was also focused on educating me and my wife about healthy credit.

2 months ago
Tatiyana Hudson Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

LOVE THIS COMPANY! Very informative about credit and how it works. Kharin is also very helpful and passionate about making sure the job gets done! Thank you guys!!

3 months ago
Shannikia Webb Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Amber Jones was very informative about credit rehabilitation and passionate about her job and helping people. I look forward to working with Amber and this company to increase my score.

4 months ago
Assata Shakur Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Best company to trust with your Credit Restoration!

4 months ago
Dewayne Bianchi Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

They are very helpful and make customer service and satisfaction their number one priority . My credit score rose the very first month consulting with them.

4 months ago
Corvetta Mitchell Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ They will educate you on what your credit consist of and how to maintain a good score.

5 months ago
Julius Whitehead Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Great company! Very informative about credit rehabilitation. Amber Jones is very passionate about her job, that's why I choose Complete Financial Solutions.

5 months ago
Marshan Gilleylen Sekret Weathers Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

They do a wonderful job..

6 months ago
Lamonte' Thompson Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

They did an excellent job informing me about certain particulars that affected my credit score. Very professional, I definitely recommend their services!

6 months ago
Ashlyn B. Oden Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

I am so thankful for Amber and this service! I have watched single handily how CFS LLC can change your financial situation in 6months! Literally $100 per month and due diligence with financial responsibility will have you in the 700+ club in no time! Thank you so much !

6 months ago
Jerrica Shawnte Nance Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Complete Financial Solutions has helped my credit score to increase by more than 50 points in less than a year. Amber also helped me to get back way more than expected on my income taxes this previous year and she is simply a breeze to work with. She also made everything pertaining to my credit and income taxes very easy to understand, thoroughly explaining what she was doing and why it needed to be done. I am super excited to continue on my credit restoration journey with Complete Financial Solutions, and I highly recommend her company for all of your credit and financial needs!

6 months ago
Nelly Jones Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

thanks for all the help in making my business a LLC y'all are great!!!!!

6 months ago
Venus Dgz Recommends Complete Financial Solutions

Simply awesome! That’s how I describe Complete Financial Solutions to my friends and family. I’m deeply skeptical of most companies I do business with, and for good reason. Most companies don’t do what they say they will and deliver on their promises Complete Financial Solutions is a rare exception! From the first time I reached out to them my experience has been outstanding. They answer my calls, and return calls and email me back promptly. Most important, they are so friendly, helpful, and nice when we talk that I don’t even want to get off the phone. Their service has been a life-changing experience for me as it’s delivered results WAY beyond what I hoped for. Most companies I deal with over-promise and under-deliver. With Complete Financial Solutions, it’s the complete opposite. The results they’ve delivered me are well beyond what they promised in the beginning. I’m not one to leave reviews for any company, good or bad. But, I had to leave this one as I’m just so happy with my results and the service I’ve received. OUTSTANDING company to work with! I just can’t highly recommend enough.

7 months ago
Pettway Natia gave Complete Financial Solutions a 5 star review

I am so happy with complete financial solutions, Amber is the best and will go out of her way to help you understand the whole process. I am getting approved for things that I was denied in the past and it’s all thanks to Amber.

9 months ago
Chrishawn Elliott gave Complete Financial Solutions a 5 star review

After my initial conversation with Kharin I am confident that Complete Financial Solutions is more than capable of assisting me in getting my credit where it needs to be. She answered all questions I had, and handled my situation with professionalism.

10 months ago
Veshaundra Young gave Complete Financial Solutions a 5 star review

My first experience with Complete Financial Solutions was great! I have never really been informed about how the credit score works or the plans that are involved. I definitely learned a lot of useful information for my future thanks to Amber Jones! Also, I’m am currently in a different country, and i still was able to get help over the phone. This says a lot about the company and I’m very thankful that I chose Complete Finacial Solutions! Special thank you to Amber Jones for taking her time out of her busy day to well inform me on what is best for me and my future! I will for sure be telling people about my experience with Complete Financial Solutions!! -- Vee Y

11 months ago
Erica Fuller gave Complete Financial Solutions a 5 star review

I can say that I am overwhelmingly pleased with the results I have received through Complete Financial. You are very well informed from the beginning of the process along with future processes. They allow you to stay hands on as well as one on one verbal conversations with concerns. Their professionalism at ALL times whether it’s phone calls or even social media is what sold me for sure. They come highly recommended and I appreciate Amber more than she knows.

11 months ago
Khalilah Watson gave Complete Financial Solutions a 5 star review

Complete Financial Solutions has provided me with important information that helped me gain financial literacy. In addition to money management tips, understanding how credit is evaluated as well debt reduction, CFS has enabled me to make informed decisons about finances and credit management!

11 months ago
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