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Very impressed with ComfortSpec & Inspector Dan Laws. So I'm moving from North New Jersey to East Stroudsburg PA and have no clue about PA, septic, wells, or anything about a home. I am a first time homebuyer and when my offer got accepted I had no home inspector company lined up. I searched on google and yelp and read reviews and finally picked ComfortSpec. I called another company and they were much higher in the area and willing to price match but Maggie and Krista (ComfortSpec) were so nice and explained everything that I just felt more comfortable with ComfortSpec... plus Comfortspec had the thermal imaging thing to spot water leaks just incase I needed it and the other company didnt. So on a Thursday evening around 7pm I called and set up an appointment, then Friday they called and I confirmed for Saturday at 9am. For a 2000 sq ft home they said the inspection, termite and radon would be 2 hours (with radon you leave machine at seller house for 48 hours/sellers were fine with that). I was nervous but excited because this is the kick off inspection to start the buying process. Ok so Inspector Dan was on time for 9am. Introduced himself to everyone and brought "house shoes" so he wouldn't drag mud in the house or mess up the floor. He literally walked me through what he was about to inspect and look for (it was alot!). He made me very comfortable and confident in the inspection. He walked the outside then the inside with a comb.. every detail. He physically got on the roof - walked it (some companies don't get on the roof if too steep). He found the missing roof shingles and wear and tear and explained what that meant. He went in the crawl space and i went with him and he explained where my oil tank was, where and what the water pump was etc. He was literally teaching me about my house before I even brought it. That's knowledge you can take anywhere. In between moments of me talking to the homeowner about the property I would touch base with Dan and he would fill me in on what he finished and what he was about to do. He was very thorough. He took exactly two hours and ran waters in laundry, dishwasher, dryers, bathrooms etc to test the water pressure. He told me my termite results immediately (wheww no termites!). As a first and new homeowner he told me about the area and what to expect as far as field mice coming into house periodically for warmth, etc.... what mice! Yeah didn't know that part about a house! He gave great advice on the property and the main things I should be sure to maintain such as well, furnace, septic etc. I felt alot more confident about home buying after Dan's inspection. I would highly recommend Dan. Matter of fact.... the seller used this company (didn't know that until after). They used inspector Jason and said he was awesome too. So this company is definitely on my keeper list and definitely recommend. If you're shopping around for home inspectors talk to Krista by phone or email - she is GREAT, easy to talk to and can answer any and all questions. I have nothing bad to say or warn anybody about because the entire process was surprisingly stress free, and easy. I even had to add a last minute termite inspection to my list Friday evening before my appointment and it was no problem. Krista resent the invoice for me to pay by credit card online and I was all set. My lender loan required a termite inspection and didn't tell me until after i had booked the inspection. So check with your lender to see what is mandatory with your home inspection. I did a radon test (additional cost) because I looked at a previous home that in the seller disclosure had a previous 4 and that's wayyyy too high. And found out that PA is very high on having radon in their houses especially homes with basements. So I rather be safe than sorry with lung cancer. No home is worth cancer. If you can't afford to get it now then get it radon tested eventually. ComfortSpec/ Dan left a radon machine in the owner home on Saturday and picked it up Tuesday. I got the results Tuesday afternoon. National avg is 1.3 mine was 1.8 so I was good. Wheww. So don't expect radon results same day. I did get the report same day as well as termite results. Great pdf that I forwarded to my lender to review as well as buyer. I personally kept my real estate agent and home inspection (comfortspec) separate on purpose. Home inspectors work for you - not the seller, listing agent or your real estate agent. You're the one paying for it. I told ComfortSpec this and they respected my wishes. When my agent called for the results, ComfortSpec did not share with them. Your real estate agent and home inspectors should be separate. You don't want anybody pushing your home buying experience 'along' because they're friends or will refer down the line. I believe in degrees of separation when this much money is involved. When you get your pdf inspection report you can forward to your agent (if you need repairs) or just give it to your lender/Real estate attorney. If no repairs then you don't have to share - you paid for it. Well I said enough good things about ComfortSpec. Oh also... they are very organized, very knowledgeable, very friendly. GREAT for first time homebuyers or any homebuyer. No question is too dumb - literally. I probably asked Dan some dumb questions but he answered them with such ease like it's okay I didn't know how a septic worked (no matter how many youtube videos I watched).. and it's okay that I didn't know that even if a roof is suppose to last 15-20 years it may NOT (due to weather etc). I just assumed you don't have to check them or anything until year 20. So ask as many questions as you need to because ComfortSpec inspectors definitely know their stuff. If you're not sure - ask anyway. Thanks Inspector Dan Laws - you were Awesome!!!

-- Javon H

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