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This all-day workshop was one of the BEST I have attended. The humor and the interaction and great info was so worth my time. And did I mention the food and snacks??!! Luv luv luv this Mighty Duo!!...

Delores Garcia recommends Cohen Coaching on Facebook

In the coaching industry, there are a lot of players... and many are so new at it that they are kind of making it up as they go. Not these two. They offer clear and concise coaching and want to fully understand you. They are easy to work with too. That is a huge help. Clarity is their gift to you. And they help you find that clarity within yourself so you can take the next step with confidence. I definitely recommend them!...

Lee Travathan recommends Cohen Coaching on Facebook

Better than DoubleMint Gum, you get Twice the Coaching and a great team to light a fire under your tasks, give you more than one additional perspective on your work, choices, tasks, etc., and BONUS they are incredibly fun to work with. I would STRONGLY recommend Catherine and Barry to anyone who is already in business for themselves, or those who are still dreaming. These two help dreams become action so you actually HAVE a business not just a dream!...

Stacy McBee Braiuca recommends Cohen Coaching on Facebook

I love Cohen Coaching because they are real-life coaches. They've had the experiences and share from the heart. They are fun and funny, and yet all about growing and accountability. They chunk down the work into manageable logical bites to get me to understand and move on the bites for success!


You will be coached expertly in branding your business and speaking effectively to your target market....

Carla Gibson DC recommends Cohen Coaching on Facebook

I do not even know where to begin in relation to this company and Cat and Barry! They bring so much value to the table! They are as real as real gets! They are all about assisting you in forward movement and working around whatever is causing you to feel stuck! That being said they will NOT enable you - this is no hand holding company but a true put the pedal to the metal company! I highly recommend them!...

Cheryl Clark gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook

I'm a new client of theirs and today's call (8/21/18) gave me real food for thought. They have told me for years my avatar (ideal client) was important, but I didn't know how to define it. Through some questions and the discussion with the others on the call, I found that out. I'm looking forward to completely defining my Avatar and implementing that information into the discussions I have with people. Good info. and well worth the time on the call! Thanks Cat and Barry.

I've known Cat and Barry for a...

Sandra Fischer gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook

You are amazing guys! I wish you a successful business and hope to see you soon!...

Olga Arena gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook

Cat and Barry helped me to refine my business. They have this special gift of understanding what you do and how to make your success a reality based on what you have and want! Don't wait for your success, it requires ACTION! Action that could be wisely guided by Business Solutions for Growth!!...

Angela Maria Saldarriaga Arvizo gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook
Barry Cohen gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook

These two are fabulous successful business owners and leaders. I use their services and knowledge all of the time!...

Lori Hofland Zurcher gave Cohen Coaching a 5 star Review on Facebook

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