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I love Code Red lifestyle because it is truth, easy to follow, manageable for all different schedules, all different personalities. Code Red has helped me to lose 80+ pounds in 11 months. I've learned so much about food, the why's, the why not, mental game... I haven't lost sight of my goal in 11 mo... See More

Patti Nuxoll Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

It works in a daily routine. The food is what I like and I am not feeling like I am going without. It is reteaching me about food choices...and consequences of poor choices and I have found I enjoy cooking again.

3 days ago
Paula J Burgess Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Support! Real foods!! It works!!!

3 days ago
Emma Leigh Cortez Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

It’s encouraging!! And my why is that I’m sick and tired of being fat!! I want to lose 30 pounds by my Birthday at the end of July. The scale refuses to budge for me!!

4 days ago
Paulette Boyle Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

It’s easy, healthy and successful!! 😍😍

5 days ago
Krystie Jaques Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

I was able to lose 35 lbs in 3onthes without feeling deprived and learned a new way of eating and thinking about food. I have kept the wieght off now almost 10 months, even though the death of my sister. To all the new rebels, listen to Cristy and the couches. Be your own cheerleader as well as one for others on this journey. Listen to your body and enjoy your new life and lifestyle.

6 days ago
Shastina Henderson Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Healing from the inside out, learning to properly nourish and love both body and mind.

7 days ago
Alicia Leija Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Thank you Cristy. I can’t honestly say how much I weigh in the picture on the right but since I started weighing I’m down over 70 pounds. I started my weight loss journey last May, about a year ago, with an extremely unhealthy weight loss program I paid over $1,000 for and lost about 20 pounds. I got so sick and it put my anxiety disorder so out of wack that I ended up in the ER. From there I started eating clean but I plateaued again. It wasn’t until about 7 months into my journey that I discovered you, in January of this year. I have NEVER found a program that I can be so successful with and keep doing the rest of my life. It’s healthy, simple, and it works. I can confidentially go into work where doughnuts and peanut butter bars are brought in daily and say NO. Even when others encourage me that “one won’t hurt.” You’ve changed my life Cristy. Thank you!!

7 days ago
Brigitte Rosendal Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Ester Bronsema, ook iets voor jou

1 week ago
Taucia Kennedy Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

the structure and the want to take your life back!!

1 week ago
Nanci Adinolfi Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

100% in and fully recommend this lifestyle to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely!

1 week ago
Alicia Bong Recommends Code Red Lifestyle


1 week ago
Ashley Lefebvre Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

I am just now getting into this. My best friend at work has been part pf this lifestyle since Jan 1st and she and her husband are doing amazing!!!

1 week ago
April Gee-Jansen Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Easy, practical and real life! Cutting the crap and living! Code Red!

2 weeks ago
Wendy Greenwell Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Easy to follow with lots of support

2 weeks ago
Stephanie Laning Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Code Red has changed my life!! I have lost 75 lbs and counting. At 53 years of age and being overweight for 22 years, I never thought this was possible!! If you can commit to following the rules, you can lose the weight. Living this lifestyle was the best gift I ever gave myself!.

2 weeks ago
Deanna Hare Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

New way of living, eating normal foods. Other programs I’ve done never focused on water & sleep. Lost 4.4 pounds first week. Started before 10 pound take down. Not craving the sweets. Awesome program.

2 weeks ago
Julie Hunter Gardner Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

my mother Karryn Hunter lost 80lbs on it. my husband and I are just beginning on it.

2 weeks ago
Susan Speelmon Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

This lifestyle is the most life transforming program I have ever done! I started Code Red December 31, 2018, joined the January 2019 challenge. I have lost a total of 60 pounds as of today May 1, 2019. I had tried every weight loss plan know to man. I was body shamed by family and friends for years. NOT anymore! Thank you Cristy and all coaches, my life will never be the OLD Susan!

2 weeks ago
Njeri Bishota Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

This stuff works! Period. The End.

3 weeks ago
Deanna Neiwert Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Health Feeling great!! Pain going away

3 weeks ago
Carlene Fitzmorris Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

I started 3 weeks ago and am down 18 lbs. and signed up for the May challenge!

3 weeks ago
Trena Self Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Cristy has changed my life

3 weeks ago
Susan Molina Crowell Recommends Code Red Lifestyle

Code Red has changed my life, for the first time I have been successful in my weight lose at the age of 66! With no pills, shakes, shots or drops. I have never felt better, I have more energy then I know what to do with lol. I would and have recommend this to any and everyone who knows me or not.

4 weeks ago

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