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145 Palm Bay Road NE Unit 120
West Melbourne, Fl 32904
United States

The Word Ne Plus Ultra means: the most profound degree of a quality or state. From my very first visit 8 months ago I have always received the Ne Plus Ultra of service and care from everyone at Clow Chiropractic. I eagerly look forward to my visits every week because the office is a warm, welcoming,... See More


I have found Clow Chiropractic to be exceptional. Every individual there regardless of their department has gone out of their way to help me and they've done it with a smile & great compassion. Every chiropractor is not only knowledgeable & professional but also friendly & caring! I feel they have a... See More


The entire staff is very professional and friendly. They are very accommodating of people’s busy schedules and demonstrate their passion in helping their patients feel better.


Gina gave Clow Chiropractic an AWESOME Recommendation

Gina B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

Jacquelyn Strongly Recommends Clow Chiropractic

Jacquelyn G gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

I have been going here for about a month and I have to say that I feel better than I’ve felt in years in just a months time. I am very happy and pleased that I trusted them with knowing what I needed. The whole staff is caring and helpful and are a really great team. I look forward to how I will feel at the end of my program as I am only in the beginning!...

Johnnie Testa-Puccio recommends Clow Chiropractic on Facebook

Johnnie Strongly Recommends Clow Chiropractic

Johnnie P gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

At Clow the staff and doctors are friendly, kind and competent. They are considerate of your time and in the way they take care of you. And they listen. In other words, they are patient with their patients.


Bobby had a great experience with Clow Chiropractic

Bobby B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating
Linda G gave Clow Chiropractic a 4 star Rating
Nancy P gave Clow Chiropractic a 4 star Rating

I love Dr Clow and his organization for their professional knowledge, their courteous employees and the flexibility in scheduling my appointments. They continue to help remedy my back, hips and neck pain. I will continue to seek their advice and service.


The program that I was put on changed my life. I have no longer any pain in my hands,neck or back. I believe this is due to the therapy,supplements and adjustments that I have been on. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with arthritis. It has changed my health so much. Clow Chiropractic... See More


I have been a patient of Dr. Clow's for the last 10 years. He and his staff have treated me like they would a family member. I have gone there for everything from a simple adjustment to treatment for a torn meniscus and rotator cuff therapy. I trust Dr. Clow and his staff so much, both of my sons are also patients. Dr. Clow is also very supportive of youth and school sports programs. I couldn't be any happier with everything they have done for me and my family.
Ed Kinsel...

Ed Kinsel recommends Clow Chiropractic on Facebook

They helped me SO MUCH ! Straightened out my intestinal issues and my cardiac problem, pre-diabetes, among other things. I FEEL THE BEST I have in about 30 years or more. My medical doctors could not do that ! Long story, but Dr. Clow actially saved my life. O can't say enough good things about the ... See More


I have had severe hip pain. I've been putting heat and ice but little relief. I exprience pain that wakes me up if I sleep on the side that is affected Recently I've had ultrasound treatments and I no longer wake up in pain if I sleep on the hip. It's been amazing for me.


I am pleased with the program because my cholesterol numbers are improving and now we are working on the diabetes issues.


Frank Strongly Recommends Clow Chiropractic

Frank C gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

About a year ago I was considering-quitting my full time job as a shift manager of a Pool supply business due to severe backpain that was hampering my ability to carry out my duties.
My wife who was already a patient of Dr. Clows convinced me to give them a try. Today I work pain free and it’s al... See More


Thomas enjoyed the experience with Clow Chiropractic

Thomas B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

Clow Chiropractic got a great recommendation by Terry

Terry B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

I loved the staff from the moment I walked into their office. They are very attentive & completely at your service. Dr’s Clow, & McBride are the best! I have been to many other Chiropractic offices, but nothing like this. Besides Chiropractic I went for weight loss. In 35 days I lost 15 lbs & have... See More


Nancy Highly Recommends Clow Chiropractic to their friends & family!

Nancy B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

There are great staff always very friendly from the moment you walk in. The doctors are great, very knowledgeable and always looking out for you. They fixed my shoulder and back issues and saved me from undergoing rather expensive surgery.

Ryan B gave Clow Chiropractic a 4 star Rating

Larry LOVED Clow Chiropractic

Larry B gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

Dr. Chalk is the greatest. Very competent


Lucas enjoyed the experience with Clow Chiropractic

Lucas A gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star Rating

Love this place! They gave me hope when I had tried everything else! I thought I was going to end up with back and hip surgery until I started going here. One year later and I am almost back to normal. I highly recommend this very caring and helpful doctor and staff.

Jill Struhar gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star review

I've fallen in love after my first appointment. Dr. Clow was kind, and very interested in overall wellness. I was happy he touched on diet and exercise.

Mandi Ward gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star review

I'm not sure where to begin other than over 10 years ago! I have been coming to Dr. Clows office since 2009! I have come to him for several different... more

Teresa T. gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dr. Clow has a fantastic office and a very caring, wonderful staff. I've been receiving chiropractic treatment for a few months, which has been very... more

Lori S. gave Clow Chiropractic a 5 star review

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