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Clearwater, FLORIDA 33755
United States
(424) 234-1708

Christine is an amazing Life and Business Expert she is driven and has a big heart ♥️ she will never give up to help you and go further. Love to work with her....

Jer jessi gave Christine Dorcelus Coaching a 5 star Review on Google

She is kind, driven, smart and creative. She is motivated to learn new ways to go to the top ;) love to work with her!


She is absolutely amazing great coach if you need somebody to help you with your business make sure you check out Christine....

Ron Howard recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

I am Vinoth from Chennai,India. Chris has been my coach a while she understands everyone and greets everyone with love. I don't know she has some magical power or an Astrologer who points out the issue correctly. One day She is going to rock the world with her magical power. I pray to God that I am going to witness that soon and I wish her all the success for her....

Vinoth Mathivanan recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

Christine is amazing and has such an uplifting, positive personality! Being able to talk to someone like her is a blessing and she’s always willing to help! Truly great woman who cares👍...

Thomas Nemec recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

It was a pleasure to interview with Christine about fasting. It was more like a conversation with a good friend. Great interviewer....

Angel Wright recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

There are a plethora of positive things that I can use to describe Christine Dorcelus, but the one universal thing is that she has the ultimate level of lovingness and care I have ever experienced in my life! she has helped me overcome learning what it means to have self love and focus on myself and not be needy and clingy anymore, I have been able to hug someone and have been able to let go after a short time, and not just trap that person and hold them against their will. If there's been anything I... Read More...

Tyler A. Brady recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

Chris is absolutely amazing , She has an awesome Personality . I love the energy she has and whenever I’m around her I feel empowered . She’s a Natural healer and has a unique Aura about her . Once you meet her it’s as if you’ve known her before in a different life . She has this welcoming Energy that just draws you to her like a magnet . You just want to sit and talk to her forever . She is an entrepreneur and whatever she’s involved in turns into gold . Thanks for lending an ear whenever I need one 🤗🥰...

Jessie Duplessis recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

Chris is a powergirl and has amazing ideas. She sees a lot of energies that others doesn t see. With her joy of life she findes always solutions to move forward. Beside of her holistic knowledge, she has also a very strategic view of achieving the goals. I wish her the best and that she helps people around the world. She is part of which makes her an outstanding expert. 😘...

Jer Jessi recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

This is a very informative group. Whether you're looking to open your own business or expand your mind, I believe you can definitely learn something from watching her videos. Don't just watch though, pay attention and apply what you learn....

Jeffry Francois recommends Christine Dorcelus Coaching on Facebook

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