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20 Sunpark Plaza SE
Suite 102
Calgary, AB T2X 3T2
(403) 254-5774

Dr. Nenshi is a lovely person! She takes the time to really care about you. The new office is bright and clean.


I visit Dr. Nenshi for regular chiropractic adjustments regularly with great results.

I recently injured my neck to the point where the pain had me screaming out loud. With mobility so limited I was unable to drive, Alma took the pain away, reduced my inflammation and brought me back to full mob... See More


I had severe pain in my leg where I was unable to put much weight on it and walking was difficult. After 2 sessions I was good as new. Dr. Nenshi is a fantastic Chiropractor. She is very knowledgeable of human anatomy as well as the nervous system. When she does an exam, she is thorough and meticulo... See More


When I first arrived at the clinic, Dr Nenshi greeted me warmly and assured me that they would take care of me. That first visit, she stayed an hour late just to do a full assessment and an adjustment. I was dealing with a rib injury and lower back tension, both of which were impeding my sleep. That... See More

Britney A gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star Rating
Morgan N gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star Rating

I started seeing Dr.Nenshi 4 months ago when I came to her with a frozen shoulder. I was in a lot of pain and had very little movement or strength in my shoulder. A condition that typically takes a year to recover from, I have regained a significant range of motion and strength, and the pain has red... See More


Dr Nenshi is an excellent chiropractor. She is always taking seminars to learn about other therapies she can bring to her patients. A genuinely warm and caring practitioner who continuously increases her education in order to find relief for her patients. Highly recommended.


I have had an amazing experience at Dr. Nenshi’s Chiropractic Wellness Clinic. I was suffering from pain in my sciatica nerve at 8 months pregnant, and was in desperate hope of relief. Dr. Nenshi was very thorough and she and her awesome staff made me feel comfortable from my very first visit. Wit... See More


I have been coming to the clinic for over 15 years. Dr Nenshi is a talented caring healer. She is innovative in bringing in new modalities to help in the caring of her patients. One being the Brain Tap Technology. Since purchasing and using I have seen many improvements in my life and health. One ha... See More

Aliya D gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star Rating
Brenda M gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star Rating

About a week and a half ago, I could barely move, the pain in my lower back was so bad. The physician who saw me suggested that I purchase an inversion table & sent me home with a prescription. Dr. Nenshi was recommended to be by a friend. I was impressed how quickly I got booked in for an appoin... See More


Dr. Nenshi was the first person to understand and acknowledge the pain I was in due to my scoliosis. My treatments keep my mobile and in control of my pain. I am grateful to have found her!


I've been with Dr. Nenshi for just over a year and she has helped me through multiple issues. Dr. Nenshi is ahead of the game with the technology and techniques she uses. She is professional and thorough while also being quick.


Great service every time. Dr Nenshi and staff are all such wonderful and caring people! Met and exceeded my needs in every way both mentally and physically


I came to Dr. Nenshi with neck pain that had been effecting my life for over a year. I had previously tried to solve the problem with another practitioner and only got temporary relief.

Dr. Nenshi spent the first visit getting to know me and my history. Asking the right questions and preforming... See More

Chiropractic Wellness Clinic Replied: Hi Ferron, I want to thank you for not... Read More

Dr Nenshi has been treating me for pain in my knees which I am still experiencing two years after having bilateral knee replacements. She uses a variety of modalities on me, not only chiropractic adjustments, but also laser and very innovative treatments, such as Brain Tap and Frequency Specific Mir... See More

Chiropractic Wellness Clinic Replied: Hilary, you are such a great patient!... Read More
Jonathan G gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star Rating

Dr Nenshi is very thorough and well educated her expertise is so valuable and I feel like she heals me more than any md ever could

Chiropractic Wellness Clinic Replied: Thanks Elyshia. We appreciate you as a... Read More
Kelly Clair Serben gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star review
1 year ago
Christina Workman gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Elisa Lara gave Chiropractic Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

Well let me tell you, I am so glad that I came to to see Dr. Nenshi and 7 months if pregnancy. I was having a very hard time with sciatic nerve pain it was horrible, so much that I was not able to go for a short 10 minute walk. I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor specially being so big with 7 months if pregnancy. But it was a great decision to go see her for treatment, I felt so much better that the day before and the day my baby was born I still had good walks. DR. NENSHI IS GREAT

2 years ago

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