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4734 Harvest Corner Dr.
Richmond, TX 77406
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We moved our daughter here in October and haven’t looked back since. I can honestly say that each employee has been handpicked for their love and warmth toward children. In addition, the care, safety, and curriculum provided is top notch. We have seen our daughter grow in leaps and bounds in the past few months and have decided to keep her here for the private preK and kindergarten program to give her a jumpstart in her education. Everything has been laid out and is absolutely transparent for parents from menus to... Read More

Angelique A

I started taking my child to CLH when she was only 9 weeks old. I was heartbroken that I had to return to work and leave my baby, but the staff at CLH helped make the transition much easier on me. The teachers are very responsive to all my new parenting questions, and so patient with me! They never make me feel like I'm being an overbearing new mama. I really can't express how thankful I am for everyone at CLH!

My daughter is now a year and a half old, and she is thriving at CLH. We are still very happy!

Crystal H

Hi All,
I feel so comfortable and at ease taking my daughter to the Children's Lighthouse. It's a lovely place. It is sparkling clean and tidy at all times of the day. The teachers such as Jasmin, Iris, Sara, Savannah, and Samantha are engaging, lively, and energetic. They are patient and encouraging with both kids and parents. If you are looking for a place for your child in this general area, I highly recommend you stop in for a tour. The teachers are super sweet and helpful. I’ve never worried about my daughter while she’s under their care and guidance. Thank you team CHL 😃

Anusha D

My daughter loves her school very much, all staffs and teachers are so nice and patient to my child, teachers always are listing and taking care of our concerns. We love everything here and we definitely will send our send child to this school soon.

Jason Q

My children have attended the school for three years and we love it! The teachers and administration are so warm and friendly they make us feel like family!

Tom M

Sweetest staff, fun learning environment, and clean. Nothing bad to say about lighthouse at all.

travis S

My son loves his daycare so much that he enjoys it every day. He learns a lot and loves playing with his friends. The best decision we made was that we transferred him to this daycare.

jodie V

LOVE IT HERE ! Linda is super sweet along with her teacher assistants. Dana and her front staff are very welcoming every morning !

Benilda R

Amazing staff, teachers, and attention to all the kiddos! Would recommend 10/10 👌

Nada Awad
Jamil Assaf

I am very thankful for all the staff and teachers. My daughter loves going here, and they always plan something fun for the children. I give them an honest 5 star.

Danielle Childs
Janki D
Shaharima Islam
Sarah D

Amazing team at children’s light house

Ice Charles

Grade A daycare. We have tried others and this has nothing less than the best. If we have ever had any issues they are addressed immediately. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.


I love all the staff here! My daughter is in Room 10 and we absolutely love her teachers! The front desk and management are all very welcoming and just always so polite anytime we walk through the doors!

Savannah Delossantos

Our son has learned so much through his time at Children's Lighthouse HG. I appreciate that the school admin team is responsive and friendly, and that the teachers have engaged with him in a way so that he is thriving.


Excellent stuff and caring.

Sultana Khandaker

My kids have been going to children's light house for a few months now. I like the fact that the staff is usually friendly and welcoming to my babies. I do wish they can clean up the kids faces & noses better. But I have had a good experience thus far.

Camellia O

Indira thinks you should try Children's Lighthouse Harvest Green

Indira O

We love Children's Lighthouse - Harvest Green. They are so welcoming, very communicative, and have really helped our kiddo transition after quarantine life. Can't express how grateful we are for Mrs. Shannon and her staff.

Chrissy Vaughan

Amazing Place
Amazing Management
Amazing Teachers!

Fareha Hassan

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