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8525 Queenston Blvd
Houston, TX 77095
United States
Eunice W

We love Children's Lighthouse!!!

Kristina Montanez

Wonderful center and staff! All the teachers and staff are so friendly. The teachers are very attentive and caring with the children. You can easily tell they have genuine passion for working with little ones.

This center is great with communication! They send out monthly newsletters and will also send messages through the app about things happening in the classroom. Teachers are also very easy to talk to.

The classrooms are kept very clean. They are also large with lots of room for the kids to explore.... Read More

Megan Duncan

It shows the staff (front office & rooms) cares about the kids. My 3 year old will ask about Miss D and Ms. “Dymisty” (Dynasty) every morning to the point of running to both for a hug every morning when entering the room. Thank you CL for caring my mini-me.

Chris Bell

Very clean and friendly staff.

Leilani Lorenzo Pilapil

Great daycare! My son loves his teachers and the cameras put me at ease.

Karisa Garcia

Outstanding staff and school! All the teachers and staff are super friendly. The teachers are very attentive and caring. My sons light up when they see their teachers! My oldest son talks all the time about how much he loves Lighthouse.

We left Lighthouse for a short period of time because we were finally off a year long wait list for a daycare center that is run by my employer. At that center, the staff would often call my sons by the wrong name and the boys seemed overwhelmed by the large number of students in... Read More

Megan Duncan

Me and my 2 daughters love this place and staff.

Shashika Sylvester

I'm so great full for Children's Lighthouse. My 4 year old daughter is been attending here since she was 8 months old. And she still loves this place. Friendly stuff. They do a lots of activities they keep you informed of your child's improvement you able to watch your child in their room with the camara access that is one of the things me and my husband love. Flor and Lisa, Rosa always there to help you out any concerns. I really do recommend Children's Lighthouse to new months that are looking for a good place to leave their child. 5 🌟 for me.

Flor Cruz

I love the space love the teachers and my daughter cries when it’s time to leave 🥰she loves it here I also love they have camera access Amazing daycare

Chamiya Williams
Noelle Thomas

Such an amazing place! The staff genuinely cares about my son and makes him feel like he’s home. He’s just as happy to go see his friends as he is to come home to his family. He has learned so much in the short time he’s been there and it’s because of the individual detail they give each child. So glad we found somewhere that loves him like we do at home ❤️

Julie Jones
Dominique Davis

I love the light house daycare !! They have very responsible teachers and staff , the children are leaning new things daily . They offer summer camp and many other opportunities for parents needing care . My son started at the light house at 8 months he’s almost 3 years old we have no complaints.

Valerie Williams
Jasmine Jonse

I absolutely love this Daycare! My son is now 5 and been coming here since he was 6 months old. The staff here is amazing and I love each and every one of them. They have been so kind and understanding of my son's behaviors issues. If I ever moved, I would travel across town just to make sure my son continued to be there!

Victorita Paun

My kids have been coming here since they were toddlers and they LOVE it! The staff is super friendly, they are great at communicating what’s going on with your littles while you’re working your life away, and they have the best patience I’ve ever seen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Melissa Molsberry

I love this location and team! We’ve been here for 4 years and going onto year #5. The staff is extremely communicative and understanding. I love that they have the cameras and are always updating our portal that we use to know what our children are doing and focusing on each day. They send the cutest pictures and have some great activities for the kids. My daughter loves coming here. I appreciate everything they do and the precautions they take to ensure the children are having fun and are safe at all times.

Christina Koenigs

Friendly staff, caring teachers and live cameras to check on your little ones whenever you please!

Victorita Paun Sanchez

The MOST #1 best learning center in America the staff the environment the love they have for children is very good and helpful they have taught me so much knowledge and wisdom. I loved working here it was the best experience in my entire life.

Lauren Lay

Children's Lighthouse is AMAZING! I felt so hesitant leaving my 3 month old when I had to go back to work. This facility made our transition so smooth and they made us feel so secure. My child loves daycare, loves her teachers, and smiles everytime we come through the door. They are great at keeping us up to date with her activities and pictures of her throughout the day. We hardly ever check anymore, but they also have an app where you can log on and check on your child through the camera in the room. Can't recommend them enough!!!

Jessica Kearney
LaTasha Price

Children's Lighthouse has been a godsend for our family. I have absolutely no reservations when dropping our son off. The staff always treats him like he is their own child. He is always happy to go and enjoys being there. That to me as a mother speaks volumes. Thank you Children's Lighthouse for everything you do for our babies!

Laura Mays
Ramona Davis

My kids are always excited to come to school which means they're are being treated well which gives me peace of mind. I love how every month they have a learning theme and my little one brings home art and crafts everyday. I like how they celebrate and have parties for every holiday. In 2019 my son was in Pre-K here and they had a Halloween party for family to come and for Thanksgiving and Christmas they had a family lunch with kids singing Christmas carols. Graduation was canceled due to covid but they came to our... Read More

Sabrina Gonzales

AMAZING DAYCARE, AMAZING STAFF AND AWESOME TEACHERS!!! I highly recommend this daycare facility.. they all genuinely CARE about the children and take their jobs seriously... I LOVE THIS PLACE! 😘🥰😍❤️❤️❤️🥰

Terra Caravella-Wolf
Terra Wolf

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