Children's Classic

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160 9th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404
United States

Best daycare in Utah my son loves going here . Such amazing teachers and staff is professional and kind I 100% trust them with my son they truly care about him. Recommend highly.

Mikayla Farr gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

Children's Classic on 9th Street in Ogden... I would highly recommend this daycare! I actually attended Children's Classic when I was little and attended Kindergarten there as well. Now my son gets to experience the daycare that has brought so many of my own childhood memories. The staff is extremely friendly and really cares about the kids. I love the amount of interaction/activities they do on a daily basis. I know that my son is learning and is getting the best care possible while attending Children's Classic.

Heather Briskey gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

I was a little girl when I went here, maybe 5 or 6 and my sister was two years older. We loved it there, Lucy was the owner and Justine is her daughter. Lucy wouldn’t let us go downstairs to her office and get candy.) My cousins went there as well but back in the 80’s it was called Children’s World

Amanda Donnelson gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

Children’s Classic on 9th street has been absolutely amazing! The staff are so friendly and i always get greeted at drop off, which is a big deal to me! My son has been here since he was 6 weeks old and is now in the 2 year old program. He will randomly sing songs i didn’t teach him and knows how to count to ten! I would not trade this center for the world! Thankyou children’s classic for all you do! You are very appreciated!

Katelynd Burger gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review
AJ Pili Recommends Children's Classic

Childrens Classic is the best Child care around! All of the staff are friendly and great with kids. We love that they work with and teach our children. My mother in law went there as a kid, my wife and her siblings attended, and now we send our children as well. I would highly recommend Childrens Classic!

3 months ago
Nichole Bryan Recommends Children's Classic

Tiffany Hall is by far the best teacher for 2 year olds I have ever seen. My son has thrived so much under her care.

5 months ago
Bailey Caton gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

You will not find another daycare as wonderful as Children's Classic. Everyone that works here is lovely and knows my children so well. I feel confident dropping them off daily that they are receiving the best care possible!

11 months ago
Lily Anderson gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

It was the best kindergarten/ day care I ever went to!

12 months ago
Desiree Shumway gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
1 year ago
Silvia LS gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
1 year ago
Joe Smith gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
1 year ago
Laura Spencer gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
1 year ago
Kristen Benstog gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I absolutely love taking my kids here! We are at the south Ogden location and they are so amazing with my kiddos. All the employees know my kids and they are always warm and happy with all kids! Its like dropping the kids off with family. Love this place!

1 year ago
AngieGee Garcia gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

This is absolutely a great preschool for first time parents who are over protective like I am. I was so nervous about having someone else watch my child and they eased my mind so graciously. The teachers are genuinely happy to see your kiddo and it just warms your heart. Not to mention the progress that was made with my son was impressive and I couldn't have been more pleased! They have a great structured schedule and a clean environment too! I just want to thank Ms. Darci and Ms. Rebecca for helping to shape my mini human.

1 year ago
Leecette Kearney gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

My two year old was potty trained in 3 days! Thanks to Ms. Amanda in preschool. We loved her consistency she had with her and the support!! Love this place! especially how they always make sure the parents are happy as well as the child!! �

2 years ago
Tessa Henry gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I used to work at children's classic and it was the best. The people who work there really care about the children. They always have great activities and focus on educating the kids in a fun way. I recommend this daycare to anyone who asks!

2 years ago
Joann Vivian McIsaac Meyers gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I love feeling confident that my child is recieving quality care in a safe and fun environment.

2 years ago
Katherine Gorham gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I have worked for Children's Classic in Ogden for 9 1/2 years. I started working there in March of 2008. My husband was being deployed to Iraq and I wanted something to keep me busy so I would have less time to worry. What I found instead was my second home. I honestly cannot see myself anywhere other than Children's Classic.

2 years ago
Shalyse Kendell Hoopes gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I attended Children's Classic as a child and loved it. It felt like home to me and the teachers felt like family. Now, I take my child there once a week and know he is in good hands. The staff is loving, kind and I know they love my child. That is the most important thing to me as a parent, to know my child is loved while I am away. This is a family owned and run business. Many of the staff have been there for years, some were even my teachers when I was there more than 20 years ago. You know they love what they do and love the kids. I truly feel like I am leaving my child with family, it doesn't get better than that! I highly recommend Children's Classic!!

2 years ago
Desi Dot gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

Children's classic has been an amazing Daycare for my children. When we were looking at a daycare for our children it was the hardest decision, trying to figure out where you want to leave your kids with strangers, and have a piece of mind that they are safe. We went to Children's Classic for a tour and from the minute we walked in to the minute we left it was an amazing feeling. The teachers that have taken on my children have always been amazing. My son just loves his teacher Jodie. He can never get enough of her and looks forward to seeing her every morning. My daughter is in Miss. Melanie's class and she just loves her. Miss. Melanie is so sweet and kind to my daughter its amazing, Miss Max is also another favorite for my daughter. I love how they treat my children like their own. We all love the teachers here. Every staff member at Children's Classic knows who my children are and to me that is an awesome thing. Kara and Christie have been two amazing women to work with, and that is no lie. I could go on and on about how wonderful its been working with Christie at the front desk. If you have ever worked with other daycare Directors sometimes its not a pleasant experience. They both take any concern I have and make sure to fix it and help me understand why they do certain things certain ways. I could not ask for a better Daycare than Children's Classic. Not only have they taken on our crazy schedule, but they work with me when I have a bump In my road. They always make sure my children are safe, and I absolutely love how they have the keypad to get in. I could go on and on about this place. This daycare is just AMAZING and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Thank you to all the staff members here at Children's Classic we hope you know how much we appreciate you. Extra thank you's to Kara and Christie.

2 years ago
Sarrah Hatch gave Children's Classic a 4 star review

My daughter loves going to school here! The teachers and staff there are all so great with her, I never have to worry about her when she's in their care!

2 years ago
Shawn Niederhauser gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

All of the teachers are truly amazing. They (my boys) do so many fun activities and are learning so much since attending Children's Classic. I love to see what they bring home each day. My boys light up when they see their favorites. Ms. Minnie and Ms. Jennifer are my Son's favs. Darci is so great, as well. They are always so sweet to my kids. :) Ms. Minnie was a huge part in potty training my youngest, forever grateful! I even went to Children's Classic when I was a boy, they are the tried and true Daycare/School for kids. Thank you all so very much! We look forward to Kindergarten here!

2 years ago
Amanda Farrar gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jake Jackson gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Shay Cole gave Children's Classic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Katelynd Herbert gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my baby! I love the place so much I spend my 9-6 here every day!! My home away from home and I love every second! � Thanks children's classic for being so amazing! Can't wait for my babe to grow up here!!

2 years ago
Katia Tang gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

My son been at this center for 3 years and has been an AMAZING experience. We love the staffs, they are very professional and super nice. They accommodate each child and make the kiddos feel very comfortable to have a great day but especially for parents to leave with no worries. I definitely recommend this GREAT center to everyone. :) -- Katia T

2 years ago
Brittnie Dayton gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

Amazing teachers and staff. Super friendly - and always doing fun stuff. They make learning fun and my son looks forward to school, his teacher, and his friends every day!

2 years ago
Morgan Dillard gave Children's Classic a 5 star review

When we moved to Utah last year, I had no idea I would find such an amazing employer and a place for my daughter to spend her days. The opportunity fell into my lap, and I knew at my interview that it was meant to be. I love working with my amazing family of co-workers, and spending 8 hours each day with toddlers and infants is truly wonderful. We take pride in our job and do everything we can to provide our kiddos with the safest, cleanest, and fun learning environment possible. My daughter's vocabulary has exploded, she is even more social than she was before, and she has fallen in love with her teachers. She has learned so much just from playing and interacting with her peers, singing songs, and using her imagination. I can't say enough great things about this daycare!

2 years ago
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