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160 9th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404
United States

Making the decision of who will take care of your children while you are working is difficult. We checked out many local places, but the safety and genuine care and concern our kids get from the staff at Children's Classic is so comforting to us as parents. Our kids are truly loved and cared for, th... See More


The number one thing I love about Children's Classic is that they have a near perfect history in their reviews by the state for sanitary conditions, feeding, safety and staffing ratios. At the end of the day, my baby is safe and well cared for. There are definitely teachers that my daughter bonds wi... See More


I have two children at the South Ogden center and I have been so impressed with them! The staff and teachers are all extremely qualified and loving. Leaving two kids under the age of two has been so difficult for me, but I have seen my children grow and learn as they have spent time at the center. I... See More


All we see these days are awful things about day cares...

Yesterday i went and picked Tayton up and i was talking to his teacher Alondra Lara. She told me my just turned 2 on monday year old is great at spanish! I didnt believe it. I was like spanish? He barley knows english.😂 She said let me ... See More


We have taken our son there since preschool and is now graduating on. They have been very accommodating to us and have provided a safe, fun and loving environment. The staff are engaged and often at pick up time, they say how his day was and what happened. They have been responsive to his active ne... See More


Children's classic has been an amazing Daycare for my children. When we were looking at a daycare for our children it was the hardest decision, trying to figure out where you want to leave your kids with strangers, and have a piece of mind that they are safe. We went to Children's Classic for a tour... See More


Children's classic is amazing. My brother who is now 21 went there, my youngest brother went there, and now my daughter is now enrolled. Miss Minnie and all the others do an amazing job. My daughter has advanced so much just kn the year she's been there. Also a plus on helping with pottie training. ... See More


My daughter loves going to school here! The teachers and staff there are all so great with her, I never have to worry about her when she's in their care!... See More


Children's classic has been nothing but amazing with my baby! He started attending when he was only 5 weeks old and I wouldn't trust him with anyone else! If there are every any issues, they are handled immediately and efficiently! He absolutely loves all of his teachers! He just lights up whenever ... See More


The staff at Children's Classic is absolutely wonderful! All the way from the front desk, to the kitchen. I can tell that they really do love their kids, and know each and every one of them by name. I'm so glad I found them!

Miss Minnie~the 3-4 yr. old teacher...You are amazing! She goes out ... See More


All of the teachers are truly amazing. They (my boys) do so many fun activities and are learning so much since attending Children's Classic. I love to see what they bring home each day. My boys light up when they see their favorites. Ms. Minnie and Ms. Jennifer are my Son's favs. They are always so... See More


I have many positive experiences involving Children's Classic. When I was younger I attended the South Ogden center and loved every second of it. I loved it so much I went and worked there. I absolutely loved my job, everything from the kids and parents, to the staff. some of my very best friends ca... See More


My son been at this center for 3 years and has been an AMAZING experience. We love the staffs, they are very professional and super nice. They accommodate each child and make the kiddos feel very comfortable to have a great day but especially for parents to leave with no worries. I definitely recomm... See More


I have worked for Children's Classic for 10 months, and have had the best experience! These women are amazing to work with! They have so much love for the kids, and for each other, that you just can't help feeling great when you come here! I absolutely love it here!!... See More


My grandchildren have been going to Children's Classic for s few years now, and have LOVED every second of it!! (I can't get them to leave at night-lol). They have AWESOME teachers & staff- I would totally recommend this day care!! You guys are awesome- I love & appreciate all you've done! 😀... See More


I have worked at Children Classic Center for two years and half. I love working there. Children Classic center has been a family for the staff and the children. I truly love working there.❤... See More


My children have attended Children's Classic for 10 yrs. From baby to school-age. I have never felt more comfortable with my choice in a daycare. The teachers are the best, my children still to this day talk about Miss Cyndi. Alan W.... See More

Children's Classic on 9th Street in Ogden... I would highly recommend this daycare! I actually attended Children's Classic when I was little and attended Kindergarten there as well. Now my son gets to experience the daycare that has brought so many of my own childhood memories. The staff is extremely friendly and really cares about the kids. I love the amount of interaction/activities they do on a daily basis. I know that my son is learning and is getting the best care possible while attending Children's Classic.

Heather Briskey gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

I was a little girl when I went here, maybe 5 or 6 and my sister was two years older. We loved it there, Lucy was the owner and Justine is her daughter. Lucy wouldn’t let us go downstairs to her office and get candy.) My cousins went there as well but back in the 80’s it was called Children’s World

Amanda Donnelson gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

Children’s Classic on 9th street has been absolutely amazing! The staff are so friendly and i always get greeted at drop off, which is a big deal to me! My son has been here since he was 6 weeks old and is now in the 2 year old program. He will randomly sing songs i didn’t teach him and knows how to count to ten! I would not trade this center for the world! Thankyou children’s classic for all you do! You are very appreciated!

Katelynd Burger gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

My son is very particular about anyone he is around and not only does he love everyone here but they adore him! They are great to talk with and it's a huge relief to go to work and know that my baby is in great hands. They go above and beyond.

Melissa Irvine gave Children's Classic Child Care Center a 5 star review

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