Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool

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Both of my children have attended the Eastside Preschool and we have had nothing but positive experiences in every way! Becky in the dinosaur class was so kind and loving with my son. Kris in the kangaroo class was amazing with him as well. This year my daughter has Ms. Caroline who has such a posit... See More


Finding exceptional child care is hard but Eastside Preschool is absolutely amazing! As parents my husband and I want more than a day care we want our kids to go somewhere educational where they are challenged and learn on a daily basis. Eastside sends a weekly curriculum and conduct parent teache... See More


Eastside is amazing! I couldn't ask for a better preschool for my son to attend - they've exceeded all expectations!... See More


We LOVE The Eastside Preschool. They take a personalized approach with our son which we really appreciate. The teachers and staff are full of excitement and warmth which is just the environment we want our son to be in when we can't be with him.... See More


My husband, kids and I love Eastside Preschool! We have two children that have been attending for several years. Each classroom has had attentive and caring teachers. We've witnessed our children learn and grow a lot from this school. Highly recommended! ... See More


Our son loves the school, his teacher and the other children. He is excited to go every morning.... See More

We absolutely love the Eastside Preschool. Our girls are finishing up their first year there in the 4 year old classroom. After being at a school where they were expected to sit for 45 minutes at a time completing independent work, and having numerous behavior challenges, Eastside preschool was a breath of fresh air. Our girls are flourishing, LOVE going to school, and complain when we pick them up too early. Ha! Ms. Kris and Ms. Kira in the Kangaroo class are caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. They hold each child to a high expectation and support their development using age appropriate methods. They helped me through the decision of whether to have our girls in the same class in kindergarten, given their individual personalities and dynamics (as twins). This was incredible, considering other teachers they've had in the past were still unsure how to tell them apart. Lastly, the communication at Eastside preschool is phenomenal. Each week we receive an email with the next week's curriculum and snack menu as well as an email keeping us up with our children (how they've napped, ate, and photos of them engaged in class activities that week). I know this isn't the norm for preschools, but it enabled me to be much more engaged in what they were learning. We will be back next year for the Sunshine Club and our toddler when he is old enough!

Jessica Bowman gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review
Britt McPartland gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review

Eastside has been a great place for my daughter to play, learn, grow and make friends.

Lisa Dickman gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 4 star review

This school was a positive change for my daughter who was struggling at her last facility and was not bonding with her teachers. She now enjoys her time at school and I appreciate the creative model that encourages expression through creativity while nurturing individual growth and development. Miss Lacey and Miss Amy are engaged and fully present with the children!

Anne Cummings gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review

We love Eastside Preschool! My kids have been attending since 2013 and my oldest has gone through 4 levels of classes. Each class has attentive and caring teachers. The teachers are friendly and experienced, and keep the children engaged while making learning fun. The curriculum is always updated and the kids are treated to many outside activities in the summer. The school is clean, and the director runs the school very efficiently and is very hand’s on. I would recommend the Eastside Preschool to anyone!

Liz Saccomanno gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review

We love Child Time! My daughter started 5 years ago when she was 18 months old. It has been a great experience over the years to watch her learn & develop this social skills that has prepared her for the transition to Kindergarten. Now my son goes there as well & I am excited for him to follow in her footsteps. The staff is wonderful! They provide a safe & loving environment for the children to grow. I would highly recommend the Eastside Preschool.

Tiffany Rainwater gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review

Love the school! Isla has been going since 15 months and always loves going to school! She is on her last year their and already is talking about how much she will miss her school and teachers! Such a safe, nurturing environment, the curriculum is great and always keeps the parents involved.

Helen Wade-Joice gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review

My daughter loves going to school! Every day she comes home with new knowledge, stories about her friends, and is excited to go back the next day. The curriculum is age appropriate and the class ratio is perfect. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for full day preschool or even just an opportunity for your child to get some social interaction with peers and have fun learning.

Cindy St. Clair gave Child Time Inc. DBA The Eastside Preschool a 5 star review
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