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We had very high hopes for this conference as there isn't really too much out there specifically for directors and owners. We invested a lot of money to come here with our admin team so we really wanted to come back with some great actions items by hearing from others that struggle with similar situations.
While we did come away with some things to implement, we are leaving a tad bit dissapointed with the experience. There were too many times that it felt like a infomercial for products or services. The breakout sessions should have been given time in the main stage instead of hearding us like cattle into a hall and hope that you are faster and stronger than the person next to you to get in to the session you want before they take the last spot.
The video highlights of the speakers was good idea, but that should be for the people selling a service instead of the speakers.
The panel that was on stage was a nice touch, but I would have like to have heard from people that didn't have to pay for your program to be up there. I get that Child Care Marketing solutions is a business that sells a service, but to spend the amount of money we did to get here and hear from only those that have purchased your program was a bit disappointing. Round table forums would have been nice to have for networking. Maybe give them situations to come up with solutions for.
The length of the conference day was a tad long, but the treats were a nice touch.
I really hope that this turns into a conference of information rather than services. We really need that for our field.
I am excited to put our action items into place. Thank you for the great tips

-- Tracy D

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