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I have worked with Caroline Jens with Child Care Biz Help for a couple of years now. She had supported our state agency, the Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association (WCCAA) in many ways. She has participated as a vendor at our annual conference, she has presented workshops at our annual conf... See More


I love this book. I is full of great content. I like that it looks at how all the aspects of running a business. It talks not just about the money piece but also the people piece and how that effects your bottom line on a positive or negative note.I liked the work pages in the book. I made copies so... See More

Michelle O gave Child Care Biz Help a 5 star Rating

I just finished reading Caroline's profits book and I loved it! I have already been able to use alot of the forms discussed in the book which I downloaded from the members page. I have a renewed passion just after reading the first chapter. I highly recommend this book!


I started to read this and have gone and highlighted lots in the book, so I could take it back to the center. I have put a few things into place, but have many more ideas that need to be in place. This just a few things big changes have occured


Got a copy of the book at the CCSS and it has a lot of great content! The self assessments and worksheets available online are also really helpful. Wonderful book and had a chance to meet the author who was a great person. Highly recommend this book!

Lydia Rose Powell Recommends Child Care Biz Help

Caroline impresses me with her passion and dedication. Glad to collaborate with her!

1 week ago
Caroline Jens gave Child Care Biz Help a 5 star review
2 years ago

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