Ron Fossum

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8911 Vernon Rd
Ste M139
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
United States
(425) 381-2253

I first met Ron in 2009 when I was a struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck. Ron was referred to me by a friend as he was her financial advisor and she thought the might be able to help me get a hold of my finances. I went to my first appointment quite skeptical and left so optimistic... See More


Ron always brings value and knowledge to the table. He has helped me with a ton of ways to save money by tax planning methods that help to optimize my businesses expenses. Friendly, approachable, and always ready to lend a hand, Ron always gives you more than you pay for. If you are wanting to work... See More


Would you describe yourself as right-brained, maybe more “touchy-feely” than systems and numbers? That’s me, for sure, and the financial parts of my business are not my strength, no matter how important I know they are. If you are like that, you are going to love working Ron Fossum. He has all... See More


Ron is a wonderful person and a brilliant strategist. Always a pleasure to work with him


Ron is a delight to work with, is a true expert in tax planning & opened our eyes to so many tax saving opportunities it was amazing. I highly recommend Ron to every business owner that I meet!


Not only is Ron kind, honest, and helpful, but he over-delivers on what he promises. A half hour consultation turned into a 3 hour call full of helpful advice, information, and answers to my questions. His generosity in this and the excellent pricing on his top quality services made working with Ron... See More


I was referred to Ron Fossum to help me get my business and personal financial picture cleared up. I had come out of a partnership in another industry, had self employed and w-2 income - basically I didn't know how to keep everything straight, nor did I know how to best organize my monthly cash flow... See More


Ron is a highly skilled financial professional that created a fabulous business model workbook that helps us see what we need to hit our goals. It was very well thought out and an invaluable tool. Thanks Ron!


I want to say a big “Thank You” to Ron Fossum. He was able to help me start my business. Being a blue collar worker my entire life and not familiar with how to start or even set up your business structure or establish business credit, I was lost and confused. Ron took his time and broke things d... See More


I am a young business owner just starting out and feel very fortunate to have met Ron and to be working with him on tax strategies and growth strategies for my business. He has given me options for saving money and making money that never would have occurred to me. I believe because of Ron my chance... See More


We heard Ron at a recent event and his tax related content shared publically has already saved us thousands. We have begun seeking his services and have great expectations!


Ron has been a saving grace for my business so far. The amount of information and experience he brings to the table is hard to find these days. One of the most important things any business can have is confidence, and Ron has plenty of it in the fields that don’t come so natural. Highly recommend ... See More


Ron has been instrumental in assisting our business grow. From tax advice to financial options to scale the business quickly, he is always there to help. Very responsive and extremely helpful. I would absolutely recommend his services. So glad I was introduced to him!

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