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I first met Ron in 2009 when I was a struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck. Ron was referred to me by a friend as he was her financial advisor and she thought the might be able to help me get a hold of my finances. I went to my first appointment quite skeptical and left so optimistic... See More


Ron has the amazing ability to speak directly at my level. He can take a complex idea and teach it to me in a way that I can understand. Using graphs, siting lawsuits, even using personal examples, Ron makes sure that the information he provides is comprehended so you can apply it immediately.


Ron got on a video call with me and my partner to discuss the direction of our business, and we were pleasantly surprised by how much time and attention he gave us. Even though we weren't his clients and were just looking for guidance, we really felt like he had our best interest at heart and that ... See More


Ron did a fantastic job of helping me determine my reasonable compensation. He was super easy to work with and made it painless. He provided me with documentation that helped me feel confident in my reasonable comp salary amount as an S Corp business owner.


I have been fortunate enough to come across Ron Fossum from Laughlin Associate’s live webinars on helping businesses in regards to the CARES act and SBA funding options. I’ve attended two different webinars and have been so impressed by Ron’s expertise in tax reduction matters. My first impr... See More


I know Ron through business and after three frustrating days trying to get simple but non-existent answers on the IRS site, I shot him a message to see if he happened to know how to deal with a data entry issue. Not only did he immediately respond, he asked me to call and spent over half an hour hel... See More


Love the costs analysis spreadsheet Ron provided for our business! So much easier to understand our numbers!


Professional, easy-going, focused and positive. This was my first impression of Ron Fossum. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or a new startup, it is wll worth the phone call. As owner of a startup business, I have plenty of questions. However, one of my biggest concerns was deciding on t... See More


thank you Ron and team for keeping us in the know!! a lot for everyone to digest, comprehend and action!...

Lori Vincent recommends Ron Fossum on Facebook

I spoke with Ron a couple of days ago. He was incredibly helpful! He definitely gave me value before I even committed to anything with his agency. He suggested a few tips for my situation owning a new company, and he even shared some valuable documentation with me after our call. He is patient, enco... See More


Ron and his entire team have been awesome. He has explained many corporate veil concepts and I now have a clearer path to achieve my business goals in 2020.


Ron is a financial and business GURU! Extremely easy to work with and very helpful and knowledgeable. I reached out to Ron for some insight on structuring my business and a tax plan. He was very responsive and blew my mind with his ideas and expertise. He goes above and beyond to help his client... See More


I have known Ron for nearly a year now and he has constantly delivered Tax Plans and Strategies that amaze me. He works hard to over deliver on every call. Many of these strategies are used by large corporations but smaller business owners just don’t know about them. You don’t even have to chang... See More


Ron is absolutely amazing! He’s extremely knowledgeable and puts people first. Thanks again Ron!


Ron is very helpful and knowledgeable about business structure and strategies! He helped me make sure I set up my new business properly. I am so thankful I had his guidance rather than trying to figure it all out on my own! Plus he has lots of other valuable information that will help me in my busin... See More


Honestly, I can't sing high enough praises for Ron from my experiences so far. His experience and integrity and service attitude shine through in an instant. As an entrepreneur in the earliest stages of getting started, I was seeking someone who could offer guidance, mentorship and support on the nu... See More


Ron is professional and super knowledgable in getting me going in the right direction. I had no idea where to even begin as a 1st time entrepreneur starting my own business and feel much more comfortable after working with him. Highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you, Ron!


Ron has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He and his staff are very responsive when we have questions. A+ so far!


I just had a value-packed meeting with Ron Fossum, and I have so much more peace of mind now about my tax planning going forward. Ron has so much knowledge and expertise in the field of tax consulting, tax planning, and tax filing, that I know I'm in good hands. I met Ron through a Facebook group... See More


Ron always brings value and knowledge to the table. He has helped me with a ton of ways to save money by tax planning methods that help to optimize my businesses expenses. Friendly, approachable, and always ready to lend a hand, Ron always gives you more than you pay for. If you are wanting to work... See More


Would you describe yourself as right-brained, maybe more “touchy-feely” than systems and numbers? That’s me, for sure, and the financial parts of my business are not my strength, no matter how important I know they are. If you are like that, you are going to love working Ron Fossum. He has all... See More

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