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My name is Amber and this is my first time with CEO Warrior and I'm not going to lie. When my GM said I was going to be doing this I thought Hell No. This is going to be such a waste of a time and I do not want to do this. I have been at my job for quite some time and thought well I'm still here so I do not have to change. Was I happy at my job? No. Was I happy with my life? Honestly no. I have gone through times in my life with feeling helpless and alone and feel like I can't do anything right. I've been depressed and struggle with anxiety. That is until CEO Warrior happened. I am now a WARRIOR. And it only took 3 days. I am now excited to go to work. I am excited to kick ass at my job and be happy with the outcome. I want to build those relationships with our clients and let us both have a great experience. I am happier in my life. I feel the stress and nerves get so much lighter off my mind and heart. I got to meet so many strong, great and powerful people that truly made an impact on me and my life. Not only will work and home change but I WILL change! I WILL be the BEST me! No one can take that away from me and nothing will ever hold me down or back anymore. I AM A WARRIOR.. THANK YOU CEO WARRIOR. WE ARE A FAMILY!!

-- Amber B

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